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About kikiburrabeads

Kikiburrabeads, the story ...

Kristen is a Melbourne based jewellery designer and the face behind Kikiburrabeads. She has a background in fine arts and art history, but her real passion is jewellery making. Self-taught, her delicate and delightful jewellery is currently created in her home studio.
“I purchased some beading magazines from my local newsagent to teach myself the techniques and principal of jewellery design. After much trial and error the first “family gifts” were ready for dispatch. My family were so impressed that I was encouraged to take the next step and sell my creations. I chose the name Kikiburrabeads as Kikiburra was my Grandma’s nickname for me.”
Seven years after commencing selling, Kikiburrabeads is now a growing full time business with over 5,000 sales on Etsy.
Kristen utilises the highest quality materials available to her. Sterling silver chain, best quality plated chain, sterling wire, gemstones and Swarovski elements™. Personalisation is created by using a hammer and stamps, so each letter has been created by hand.
Kristen’s beautiful jewellery is lovingly created so that each piece will be unique, but always with great attention to detail.