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About ThePeasInAPodShop

I live in Melbourne, Australia, a very beautiful part of the world. I share my life with my Dad, Mom and Brother and my birdy sales assistant Malphoy. I have always been interested in painting, drawing and designing and of course I love jewelry and fashion.I started making jewelry as a hobby and creating special gifts for family. A friend told me about madeit and I was hooked.Formally working in child care, I decided to supplement my income working at a hobby I really loved. It is no longer a hobby, it is a passion and I have dedicated myself to my madeit shop.
My days as spent designing, creating and photographing my designs. I have to remember to eat and sleep and have some “me time” as well. I love to try new props and camera angles to show my pieces at their best.I don’t have a formal studio yet. My studio is our dining room table and my photographic studio is a billiard table on the rear deck – they still work great though!
I have come a long way from my first primitive pieces. Once I found a local supplier who stocked Swarovski pearls and crystals, my designs took on a new dimension. My designs as constantly evolving. My Saturdays are known as market research. My Mum and I hit the shops and of course the jewelry shops are the favorites.
I am so lucky to have this wonderful opportunity to do what I like and be able to work from home and always be close to my family.