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About Merrilyn Anne Knits and Gifts

Hi. I'm Merrilyn Anne. Welcome to my store. 
I love creating beautiful hand made items using knitting, hand embroidery and patchworking.  
I grew up on a sheep farm so I love wool, especially the very fine 2plys and hand dyed wools.  I also knit with cotton yarn - mainly 4ply. This is ideal for children's knitwear that is constantly in the wash.
The beautiful patchwork fabrics available also inspire me. I-spy quilts and soft toys can be found in my madeit store.
I will be continually adding items to my list, so remember to keep checking my shop. If your favourite colour is not listed, contact me to check if I have that in stock.
I live in Warrnambool in Western Victoria.  Locals are welcome to pick up their purchases. 
I would love to hear from other crafters, and customers who enjoy quality hand made gifts and garments.
I can be contacted at merrilyn.anne@gmail.com