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About The Silver Forge

Hello, and welcome to The Silver Forge, where you'll find beautiful limited edition and one-off handcrafted sterling silver jewellery. My passion is making well-designed, comfortable, fun jewellery for people to enjoy every day. Smithing jewellery for yourself or for other people is a wonderful thing to do. The process of creation encompasses all kinds of aspects, from daydreaming, art drawing, design; to the more physical metal preparation, sawing, filing, emerying, soldering, hammering, bending. I love it, and I wanted to share that love on a global scale! :)

All my pieces are made entirely by hand using traditional methods and tools in my own studio at home in Brisbane, Australia. Each piece starts life as a throw of silver, which is turned into either sheet or wire by rolling and/or drawing. From there, anything is possible!!

I would be happy to consider any requests for custom orders, no matter how small or quirky. I'd be pleased to work with you to create with a design for your dream piece. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at ruthie@thesilverforge.com. You're welcome to visit my page at www.facebook.com/thesilverforge, and do check out my blog at www.thesilverforge.com.