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About Raspberry Rainbow


My name is Catherine, you can call me Cat if you like. I am a Melbourne (Australian) girl married to my Shropshire (UK) boy. We have two creative, funny daughters. We recently moved back to Melbourne after living in Hong Kong for 5 years.

I learnt to sew as a teenager at high school. It was a happy surprise that I learnt it very easily, it just made sense to me. It was wonderful to be able make myself clothes and alter op-shop (charity shop) buys.

I discovered photography soon after learning to sew and fell in love. This was back in the day of taking black and white photos, processing your own film and printing your photographs in a darkroom - I loved the thrill of developing my very own photographs and mixing the chemicals (I miss the smell to this day). I had to learn more. With the assistance and encouragement of two wonderful teachers, photography soon became an obsession. Sewing was always there in the background though.

I went on to study Medical Photography at University and after a few awful (non related jobs), I got a most wonderful job as Quality Control Technician at the then Kodak Processing Laboratory in Melbourne. I had a few wonderful years in this job, then I was made redundant. Within years this whole processing lab was closed down (for many reasons, mainly that Digital photography was taking off and most things were being made in China, not in Australia any longer)

I moved to the UK on a "working holiday". I met my Shropshire boy very soon after arriving, the rest is history you could say. We lived together in London (UK) for 2.5 years then in Melbourne (Australia) for 10 years. We lived in Hong Kong from 2011-2016. Now I am back home in Melbourne. There is no place like home, is there?

When I was pregnant with our second daughter in 2009, I got this unstoppable urge to sew - anything.
I started making clothes and hair bobbles for our older daughter, then clothes for myself and gifts for friends. Out of all this, Raspberry Rainbow was born.

I still have this (almost) daily urge to sew, make, create, bake. It is part of who I am and makes me so very happy and content.

Most of my creations were born out of necessity. I only make what I love and items we use ourselves.

Nice to meet you!

Cat xox