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About Miller and Blue -The Pantry

- Minimalist sweet treats & party accessories -

Founded in 2007 by Zee Scott, Miller & Blue is an online bakery based in Melbourne, Australia; offering hand crafted cakes custom designed for your event plus a selection of treats to adorn your sweets table.

Both Zee’s Mother and Grandmother were event cake makers, so although Zee’s career began in the world of performance arts, it was inevitable that she would find her way into the world of sweets and bakes. Moving to Australia in 2011 and leaving behind her life {including family and lifelong friends} in London, she continued her career in arts administration here in Melbourne. ‘Cakeday_AU’ was born as a side project, a way of keeping a ‘foot’ in the baking world. However, as her clientele increased, it became obvious that it was to be the arts that took ‘side project’ status.

Zee, a self-taught baker, has worked through a number of ‘styles’ {as most bakers do} before developing and committing to a unique approach - minimalist with a ‘pop’! As the baking world continues to evolve, Zee will continue to grow whilst remaining true to her personal style.

Miller and Blue is a nut free kitchen. At a young age, Zee was diagnosed with a nut allergy and is committed to creating and developing nut free versions of popular recipes, including her French macarons.

Still captivated by the magic of performance arts, Zee is committed to creating custom cakes and treats unique to each client; from a tiered cake to a delicate mini macaron. ‘All the worlds a stage’ and the M&B sweet treats the ‘actors’ ready to transform into exuberant characters.

Zee takes pride in using high quality ingredients to create her signature flavours, using handwritten original recipes developed over time.


Zee Scott

Founder & Creative Director