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About ZeeScottCom

Simple food. | food. Simple

Zee Scott. _ The Caterer is a small batch NUT FREE* caterer based in Naarm/Melbourne. Everything... yes, everything, is made from scratch. From pastries to fillings! A mix of sweet and savoury foods with tastes from Jamaica, the UK and Australia! A large selection of our menu items can also be made vegan friendly!*

Through our Madeit shop, we are able to offer a small selection of our menu which is shippable. If you are in Melbourne, feel free to contact Zee via Madeit to speak about other bespoke items [available for local delivery], you can add to your Madeit order.

Zee Scott _ The Caterer cares greatly about the environment and are committed to sustaining a small footprint. All take away packaging is home compostable and/or recyclable - yes, that includes boxes with a 'window', individual cellophane packaging on cookies etc AND our water activated packaging stickers!

*Zee Scott. _ The Caterer operate a nut free kitchen, however some purchased ingredients may be produced in areas that handle nuts. We also offer a wide selection of vegan friendly items, we say 'vegan friendly' as we do handle meat products in our kitchen.... not at the same time obviously!