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About 1000 Pretty Things

Welcome to my store! Paper, fabric, wood and yarn are all going through my hands as I create and I love the process as much as each unique piece of handmade design.

My grandfather was a taylor and I learned to sew on his old foot-pedal Singer machine. My mum used to sit for hours with me and draw or teach me to knit and crochet. And these days, I sit with my little one for... well, 15 minutes at a time - and craft. It's so much fun and I love creating things with my hands.

I am a bit of a fanatic when it comes to sweet fabrics and quality papers. There are just so many beautiful materials out there and if I had more time I would create so much more. But here you go, the items in my shop are made in the little time I have. I hope you like them and perhaps decide to have one of them in your own house. They also make pretty gifts for friends!

Enjoy browsing and feel free to contact me for custom orders if you see a material you like or have an idea for a variation of a product.

Una xx

Follow my crafty journey on Instagram @1000prettythings