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Eddie's Art

Eddie's Art

Edward Raubenheimer enjoys painting and creating a range of artwork in his studio and backyard in Perth, Western Australia.
Ed’s expanding catalogue of work includes paintings on canvas, painted sculptures and assorted crafts. Edward uses acrylic paints and oils and has a varied portfolio of more than 300 paintings. Ed is working closely with Chris, owner of Blue Lawn Designs, to screen print his artwork and create custom t-shirts, tote bags and tea towels on ethical and local sources.

Edward, 32, who has an intellectual disability and autism spectrum disorder, lives a purpose-built flat behind his parents’ home, where he does most of his work in the colour filled garden. Using a variety of brushes and other tools, Edward has improved his fine motor skills over the past 10 years, working with bold colours, glitters and other mediums.
Edward’s parents, family and friends believe art has had a therapeutic and healing effect on him.

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