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Getting Featured in Madeit Promotions

Getting Featured in Madeit Promotions

What are the Community Newsletter and when are they sent?

Madeit sends out a weekly Community Newsletter to our 28,000+ email subscribers, where we feature a range of editor’s collections, the featured designer in the spotlight, blog posts, an up to 2 paid advertising banners.

Why do the same style of products always seem to be featured?

We don't favour individual sellers or particular styles, and try to offer customers a range of different products and styles. However, we try to only feature well photographed items and this may be why the style of products seem similar.

Why do some sellers get featured more than others?

  • If sellers bring out a new product then they may be featured.
    • Sellers who regularly list new items will also have a better chance of being featured.
    • Sellers who promote their Madeit store on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Blog have also a better chance of being featured.
    • Sellers with high quality product images are more likely to be featured.

Do you have any tips to help me get into the shopping guide?

  • List new items regularly.
  • Include keywords in your description; words that relate to your item so when we search for themes you have a better chance of being noticed. Be sure to weave these terms into your description of your item rather than ‘keyword stuffing’, (ie. Just listing a heap of keywords or terms) as this can negatively impact your store’s ranking in Google searches.
  • Put as much effort into your product presentation and photography as you do in creating your items as this will not only make it easier for us to feature products, but will mean customers are more likely to view and purchase your products.

Do I have to have good photos to be included in the newsletters?

  • Having good photos will not only help you sell your product but it will help you get included in the newsletters and other feature.

    Below are some guidelines for taking good images
    - no flash, use natural, even light (no shadows)
    - use a neutral background or a solid colour to avoid distracting from the subject
    - take a variety of angles to see what works best (including detailed shots)
    - find a place in your house that has good natural light and try a different times of the day to photograph your item. when you are happy with a time/lighting condition use this time and location for all your items.
    - use depth of field (blurred backgrounds make your products stand out)
    - experiment & practice to see what works best
    - use a photo editor like www.ipiccy.com to add contrast to, and brighten, your images
    - avoid adding watermarks to your images that obscure or obstruct the product

Could the reason I'm not being featured because I have a personal website address in my description or banner?

Yes, Madeit policy is that web address of other websites should not be included in your store or item descriptions, images or banner.

Why can't I include my personal website address in my description or banner?

This method of cross-promotion by some sellers jeopardises potential sales for other sellers, due to the fact that they are leading a shopper (and a potential sale) away from the Madeit site. If other web addresses are included in your descriptions or banner, you may be excluded from promotion of your products in our newsletters, spotlight interviews and other promotional avenues.

Can I include my social media links in my descriptions or banner?

You can include your blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or twitter in your description as long as you don't direct sales away from the Madeit site, eg. 'see my full range on Facebook'. We also ask that you link back to Madeit from these pages.

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