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Selling on Madeit

Selling on Madeit

Anyone is welcome to sell their handmade products on Madeit, so long as they are based in Australia have made their products themselves. It does not matter if you create for a living or as a hobby, so long as it is your creation. 

You can't on-sell other people's handmade items.

We now also allow the sale of craft supplies, and these do not need to be made by you, although you still need to be based in Australia to sell supplies and these products will be listed in a separate Craft Supplies section of the website.

Creative cooperatives may use a single store to sell the creations of any or all members of the cooperative, however no fees or commissions are to be charged to the individual creators of the products listed or sold on Madeit by the co-op.

Sellers on Madeit must reside in Australia. 

Can I sell my artwork or photography prints if I have them professionally printed?

Yes. Prints of your artworks and original photography may be sold on Madeit if they are printed professionally in small batches. This classifies as an independently designed product as the value of the item is in your design and in printing your design, you are creating a new product (from piece of paper to artwork). However, we encourage all artists and designers to source local printing wherever possible, and you must communicate your printing process and provider location in your product descriptions.

Can I sell supplies or vintage items on Madeit?

Madeit now allows the sale of craft supplies, but you must clearly and accurately represent where craft supplies are made in your listings and craft supplies that you did not make must be listed in the Supplies section of the website, and not in the handmade section. You can not vintage items on Madeit unless you have substantially altered them.

Can I sell upcycled vintage goods on Madeit?

Yes, as long as you have altered them significantly you may list them on Madeit.

Do I have to be based in Australia to sell on Madeit?

Yes, selling is restricted to people physically located within Australian territory only.

Do I send my items to Madeit to be a part of the online shop?

Madeit is not a conventional e-commerce website, instead Madeit provides affordable online advertising space for you to sell your goods to your customers. Madeit works similarly to online classifieds. We provide the medium for shoppers and makers to find each other, and the technology to facilitate checkout, but we do not handle postage, warranty or payment for items listed on Madeit.

How do I become a Madeit seller?

Once you have had registered on Madeit, you will find a start selling link in your My Madeit. Clicking this button will take you to your store setup page, where you can start to create your storefront.

You can create draft product listings and get a feel for how the system works once your store is created, but you will need to create a new subscription before you are able to list products in your store.

Please read our selling questions below for more information about selling on Madeit, including pricing.

Are there any other seller guidelines that I need to be aware of before registering?

Please see our Terms & Conditions page for our Responsibilities of all Sellers policy.

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