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Tips for Taking Photos

Tips for Taking Photos

Studio Set up

  • Set up a dedicated photography area and practice what works best for your product. Take note of the time of day & conditions this way you'll get the same result every time.

    • Try photographing items on a plain background or a background that isn't busy. This way your product stands out and the background isn't distracting from your item.

    • Limit the number of props in your photo, remember you aren't selling the props. If you want to use props, then try not to do the same as similar businesses have done before.

    • Photograph the item as it would appear if the buyer owned it; for example, a print on a wall, jewellery on a model, clothes on a model

Camera Settings

  • Try not to use a flash, natural light is best to show off your products & wares. A spot near a window or outside under shade / balcony works well.

    • Use a tripod to make your images sharp. If you use your iPhone to take photos you can also buy tripods for your iPhone.

    • Use depth of field to make your item stand out. If you have a DSL camera, then try photographing your items with a low aperture and focus on your items as this will create depth of field and blur your background - just like the professionals!

    • Take a few pictures from different angles including detailed shots.

    • Practice, Practice & Practice… until you are happy with one of your items then you can photography the rest of your items.


  • Digital photos are dull by nature which means we need to make them POP before adding them to Madeit. In an editing program, play around with the brightness & contrast of your image. You especially can't miss this step if you are using a white background!

    • Crop & resize as needed.

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