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Closing Your Store

Close Store

How do I close my store?

Temporary Closures with Holiday Mode Holiday Mode can be used to temporarily close your store. Your items and store will not appear in searches and your items can not be purchased until you deactivate holiday mode.

You can include a message that will appear underneath your banner which will be shown if a buyer has a direct link to your item or store. We recommend including a return date in this message if possible, so that customers who visit your store know when to return.

Putting your store in holiday mode will also pause your subscription for up to one full billing cycle. If you think you might be away for longer than this, we recommend cancelling your subscription.

Long Term Closures: Cancel Subscription You can cancel your subscription on the Billing Page of your account in My Madeit. This will halt selling related charges, however you will retain full access to all features of your store until your current subscription expires.

Once your subscription expires, your items and store will not appear in searches and your items can not be purchased, but your store data and account details will remain on our database and old links to your store will still work, although products will not be available for purchase.

If you decide to return to selling, you can pick up where you left off by creating a new subscription at any time from the Billing Page of your account.

Permanent Closure: Contact Madeit If you would like to permanently close your store and remove all data from our database, please contact Madeit via our contact page and we will action this for you.

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