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Becoming a Seller

Who can sell on Made It?

Anyone is welcome to sell their products on Made It, as long as the product they're selling is handmade by them. It does not matter if you create for a living or as a hobby, as long as it is your creation, you can sell on Made It.

Sellers can't on-sell other people's handmade items.
Sellers on Made It must reside in Australia.

Can I sell supplies or vintage items on Made It?

Made It is a 100% handmade and independent design website. You can not sell craft supplies or vintage items on Made It. You can sell craft supplies on our sister site craftumi.com.au

Can I sell upcycled vintage goods on Made It?

Yes, as long as you have altered them in some way you may list them on Made It.

Do I have to be based in Australia to sell on Made It?

Selling is restricted to people physically located within Australian territory only.

Do I send my items to Made It to be a part of the online shop?

Made It is not a conventional e-commerce website, instead Made It provides affordable online advertising space for you to sell your goods to your customers. Made It works similarly to an online classifieds. We provide the medium for buyers and sellers to find each other, but we do not handle postage, warranty or payment for items listed on Made It.

How do I become a Made It seller?

Once you have had registered on Made It, you will find a start selling link in your my Made It. Please read our selling questions below for more information on being a seller on Made It.

Are there any other seller guidelines that I need to be aware of before registering?

Please see our Terms & Conditions page for our Responsibilities of all Sellers policy.

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