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Getting Paid

Getting Paid

How can I be paid for my orders on Madeit?

The buyer pays you directly, and you can accept payment via 
• PayPal, Credit Cards via PayPal 
• Direct Debit - this option is only available for registered buyers within Australia and is therefore to be offered in addition to, but not in place of, PayPal

You can choose to be paid by both PayPal & Direct Deposit or by only PayPal & Credit Card.

Visit the Payment Details link in your My Madeit> Store Setup to set up your payment details, these details are automatically applied to all of your listings.

Can you explain PayPal?

PayPal is a secure and instant way of buyers paying for their order. Before being able to be paid by PayPal you need to set up a Business PayPal account on the PayPal website, visit www.paypal.com.au for more information.

Do I need Business PayPal account to accept payments through Madeit?

Yes, you must have a Business PayPal account to sell on Madeit. Only business accounts will allow you to accept credit card payments via PayPal, from customers who do not have PayPal accounts. 

Does a Business PayPal account cost more than a personal PayPal account?

No, it is free to upgrade to a Business PayPal account and the transaction fees are the same as personal PayPal accounts.

Can I create / upgrade to a Business PayPal account if I am not a business?

Yes! If you're not a registered business, just select Sole Trader as your business type when creating / upgrading your PayPal account, set the account up in your own legal name rather than the name of your store, and leave the ABN field blank.

How do I upgrade my existing personal PayPal account to a Business PayPal account?

To upgrade your PayPal account:

• log in to your PayPal account
• Click Settings at the top right corner of the page
• Click "Upgrade to a Business Account" under "Account Options"

Check out this blog post for step by step instructions on how to create or upgrade to a Business PayPal account

Do I need to send my Direct Deposit information to the buyer?

Direct Deposit is only available for register users in Australia. If your customer wants to pay with Direct Deposit, then they will need to register for a Madeit account. 

You have the option to include your BSB and Account Details & instructions to the buyer on the Payment Details page. 

This information will be available to the buyer on the cart confirm page, invoice and purchase email.

Please do not include your banking details anywhere else in your store setup, other than the Payment Instructions field on the Payment Details screen. This keeps you bank details private until purchase, and ensures buyers place their order before depositing funds into your account.

I don't want to store my BSB & Account Details, is there another option?

Yes, if you don't want to give this information to the buyer on checkout then you can include a message in the Direct Deposit field saying you will email them asap with your details. 

Visit the Payment Details link in your My Madeit> Store Setup to set up your payment details

Does the buyer have to pay with PayPal on checkout?

Yes, buyers paying with PayPal or credit card must complete & pay for their purchase by confirming their order on the Madeit website after logging into PayPal. If the buyer doesn't confirm their order, then your items will appear back in your store for sale.

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