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Postage FAQs

Can I offer more than one Postage & Handling Option?

Yes, within Australia you have the option to send your items by Standard Delivery, Signed Delivery or Express Delivery.

You have the option to set these prices as preferences in your my Made It under Postage & Handling Details, these prices will automatically appear in any new items that you create.

You can use different postage details for individual items by changing the details when adding a new item or by editing an active item.

Can I just offer one option of Postage & Handling for example Signed Delivery?

Yes if you wish only to offer this option then you only enter prices into the Signed Delivery Fields.

How do I offer FREE postage on my items?

To offer FREE postage enter 0 into the appropriate field, when your item is view FREE postage will be displayed.

Do I have to offer International Postage?

No you don't have to offer international postage, leave all fields blank if you DO NOT want to offer postage outside of Australia

Can I update all my postage & handling details at once?

Yes, you can change the postage & handling details for ALL of your currently active items via the Update Active Items link in your Postage & Handling Details. Click the postage type you would like to change, add the prices and click update. Please note that this will change all your item and you may have to edit those items that don't have the same Postage & Handling Details preferences by clicking the edit items link in your active items.

Can you explain Additional Item Postage?

Addition item postage is a discounted rate of postage if the buyer buys more than one item from your store. You can offer free addition postage or a cheaper postage price for any additional items.

I'm not sure how to price my postage, do you have any advice?

Getting your postage right is not only good for the buyer but for you as well! You don't want any surprises when you go to the post office and have pay extra to post your orders. We suggest that you visit your local post office with your items and have a chat with them about sending your items and what are the best option. You can also visit the Australia Post website for pricing.

Do I have to add postage or can I add it later when the buyer sends their postcode?

Yes you will have to add a postage amount to you listings and Australia post can give you a flat rate of postage for all of Australia.

When should I send my buyers order?

Only send the order once you have received PayPal payment or the payment has appeared in your bank account. See our getting paid section for more info on your payment options.

Is there a time frame for the order to be posted?

We ask that you send the order within 7 days of payment. If you need longer to send your item then this should be clearly stated in your description of your item for the buyer to read.

How do I change the Order Invoice status to posted?

Go to your Orders area of your my Made It. To mark an item as posted find the invoice and click the Mark as Posted option at the bottom of the invoice. This will update the invoice as posted and include the date, these changes will be reflected on the buyers purchase invoice.

Should I send the buyer an email letting them know that their order has been posted?

We think that communication with your buyers is important and why buyers love buying on Made It. When you post their item you could send them an email to let them know that their item is on it's way.

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