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Uploading Images FAQs

Uploading Images

How many images can I upload per product?

You are allowed up to 6 images per listing.

Do you recommend an upload size for my images?

For fast uploading Madeit recommends that your images downsize your images to 1400px wide @ 72 dpi. You can do this via an photo program on your computer or www.ipiccy.com All images will be resized to a maximumof 1400px once uploaded, but doing this before you upload should make the process faster.

What photo files do you accept on Madeit?

jpeg, png, gifs

Does Madeit re-size my images?

Yes, we will resize full size image is set to a maximum of 1400px wide. If your image is less than 1400px your full-size image will appear at the uploaded size. Madeit will also compress your images with lossless compression to make them load faster. This compression maintains 100% image quality.

Does Madeit crop my images for the thumbnails?

Yes, all thumbnails will be cropped square.

I am trying to upload my images, but nothing seems to be happening?

It is nearly a certainty that one or all of your images are too large. Please resize your images and ensure they fit the guidelines above. If you still having problems, please email the image/s as an attachment to support@madeit.com.au and we will investigate the problem.

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