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Setting up a Custom Listing

Setting up a Custom Listing

What is a custom listing?

A custom listing is an item that has been request by a buyer and is different from any of your active listings. A custom listing could be a slight alteration of an item or it could be an order that includes more than one item to combining postage.

The buyer has emailed me though Madeit, do I have to do the listing through Madeit?

Yes, it is a requirement of our terms that all sales requests that start through Madeit be listed and sales completed on Madeit.

Can I put a custom listing on Madeit that I have started elsewhere?

It is up to you and the terms of service of other platform providers whether you list other custom listings in your Madeit store.

How do I set up a custom listing?

  1. Set up a custom listing as you would a normal listing
    2. Call the item Custom Listing for 'Username'
    3. Set the price and postage as needed
    4. You may want to use a custom listing images 
    5. In the descriptions mention 'only buy this item is you are 'buyer’s username'
    6. You may also want to include any other terms or conditions that you have discussed with the buyer in the description
    6. Email the item link to the buyer and ask them to buy

Do you advise that I get payment before starting the custom listing?

Yes, we recommend that you receive payment before starting the custom item.

What happens if the buyer doesn't purchase the listing?

If the buyer doesn't buy the item, then you can end the item early.

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