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Gift Guide Advertising

What is the gift guide?

The gift guide is a place for you to advertise specific items in your shop that fit into our gift guide categories. The gift guide will give buyers another way to find your items and store and will help the buyer to find the perfect item to suit the occasion.

A selection of gift guide items are randomly featured on the front page at all times

How much does it cost and how long is my item featured?

If you are subscribed to one of our business tier plans, some gift guide credits will be included in your subscription each billing period. You'll use one of these credits each time you add an item to the gift guide.

If your plan does not include gift guide credits, or you need more than are included in your plan, you can either upgrade your subscription, or purchase credits from the Billing page in My Madeit for $2 each.

Each credit is valid for one listing for 15 days unless sold earlier or removed from sale. If you end an item early and relist it within the 15 days of the gift guide listing, your item will appear back in the gift guide for the remaining days. Eg. Say you list an item in the gift guide on 1st January, and end it on the 2nd of January, but relist it again on 10th January it will still show in the gift guide until 15th January.

Gift guide credits can not be assigned to different items once used in part or in full.

Do I have to use the gift guide credits in my plan each quarter?

Gift guide credits do not expire, so if you don't use them all in the billing period, they just roll over to the next quarter / year.

Can I buy extra credits for the gift guide?

Absolutely. If you’re on our Hobby plan, or your plan does not include sufficient gift guide credits, you may purchase extra credits for $2 each from the Billing page in My Madeit. Purchased gift guide credits do not expire, so you can use both purchased and plan-included gift guide credits whenever you like.

How can I tell how many gift guide credits I have?

The Account Status page under the Billing heading in My Madeit shows the number of gift guide credits included in your plan each billing period, and also a count of how many gift guide credits you have remaining. The remaining credits count includes credits included with your subscription, and those purchased separately.

Will my item still appear as a normal listing whilst it is featured in the gift guide?

YES. Your item is a normal listing and will appear in its normal category on the website, in addition to be featured in the gift guide. Even after your item has finished being featured in the gift guide it will still appear in its normal category on the site until the item is either purchased, the listing expires, or it is removed from sale.

What are the benefits of advertising in the gift guide?

- Create additional exposure for your item and store.
- The price is affordable.
- The gift guide takes prime spot on the page link menu bar which means buyers will click to help find the perfect gift.
- The gift guides will be promoted a number of ways including (but not limited to) on our front page and newsletters..

How do I add my item to the gift guide?

Create your listing as normal and click to accept the gift guide fee and then choose your gift guide category.

I already have an active item can I now add it to a gift guide category?

Yes, you can. Simply edit your item and click to accept the gift guide fee and then choose your gift guide category then save changes.

How do I know if I have chosen the gift guide for an item?

In your active listing area, the item(s) that you have chosen to be featured in the gift guide will appear with a countdown timer for how long the item will remain in the gift guide.

Can I list my item in any gift guide category I like?

Yes, so long as your item is suitable / a logical fit for the category you choose to list it in. If an item is found to be in an incorrect / misleading category it may be removed from the gift guide completely without warning or refund.

Can I list my item in multiple gift guide categories and can I change the category it is in?

You can not list one item in multiple gift guide categories at the same time.

Once it is listed in a gift guide category you can move it to a different gift guide category by editing the item.

Can I make a gift guide category suggestion?

We try to keep gift guide categories restricted to recipients (eg. Couples, Men, Women, Children etc.) and seasonal occasions (eg. Christmas, Easter, Mothers' Day). Expanding the categories to be to specific creates redundancy so it becomes difficult to know where to list your items, and difficult for customers to find what they want. However, if you think we've overlooked a recipient group or if we haven't activated a seasonal category that you'd like to start listing in, please send your suggestion via our Contact Us page.

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