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Creativitea Time for You

Flow White Teacup 108 Card Deck

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Another darling little deck of 'Creativitea Time for You' inspirational teacup cards.

There are now 108 word cards that can be used in so many ways …

- teatime alone, pick a card and see what thoughts arise

- a card for the day, sitting on your desk at work

- place them in a little dish where guests can pick a card and either keep it or leave it for the next person

- use with your tarot or oracle card spreads for intuitive wonderings

- use a selection of three to inspire a journal page of writing or art making

- put a card or two with your letters or parcels as a sweet encouragement for a friend or client

- gift a little deck to a friend


- i use card stock.. it's firm but not so thick that it is difficult to cut…
- you could use water colour paper
- if you wanted to print onto a coloured base - add some inks or wash to your water colour paper, so long as it does't go bumpy… it needs to be nice and flat for the printer
- if you do not have card stock at home…. you could take the file on a usb stick to your local Officeworks or similar printing place.. and they'll print it out for you


- i use a large pair of scissors and just cut up alongside the outside edges.. then down the length of each row… there is a small gap between each teacup… so I've not put a line in there to guide.
- you could also use a blade and cutting mat or guillotine if you have those

… they sit quite well in the tiny imperfections of sizing I find

I'd LOVE to see how you use your White Teacup Inspirational Card Deck … please come find me on instagram, Denise xo

@denise daffara

#creativiteatime #creativiteatimeforyou

This is a digital download product : you can print as many sets as you wish, and please they are not for re-sale.

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This is a digital product. No postage required.

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you will receive the PDF file to print after your payment is processed. Thank you for your purchase. warmly, Denise.

Price ($AUD): $11.00

FREE Shipping
(Within Australia)


Only 1 Left!
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