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Special listing....Mememouse
as discussed as per message.
2x hankies 3x dress labels

Please advise more information ....
Dress label -
1. Boarder - Heart or rectangle?
2. Base colour - White or Cream Satin ?
3. Embroidery colour - light blue, dark blue or other colour?
4. First Line of Text (Typically names or small phrase)?
5. Second Line of Text (Typically date)?
6. Fancy or Plain font?
7. Date required by

Hanky - 1/ Which wording option you would like (a, b, c, d, e, f.......)
2/How you address the person receiving the hanky. (mother, mummy, mum, Susan)
3/How you would like it signed (love, luv, love from, love always) & Your name/nick name (Samantha, Sammy, Sam)
4/Your wedding date -13-9-14
5/Hanky preferred style - scalloped edge (11"x 11") or lace edge (12"x 12") or mens (16"x 16") (mens only comes plain!)
6/Swirl type - heart or abstract
7/Swirl Thread colour - hot pink, light pink, purple, light purple, dark blue, light blue, red, black, white, green, gold
8/Font style fancy or plain. (if nothing is stated, then fancy is used)

a/ Thank you for raising Your son to be, The man of my dreams
b/May joy be in your tears today, as you share my wedding day.
c.1/Today a Groom, Tomorrow a Husband, Always your Son, c.2/Today a Bride, Tomorrow a Wife, Always your little Girl,(/Daughter) I love you
d/ Thank you for accepting me as your own. I'm so glad to call you family
e/ As you give me away know that I will always be your little girl
f/Of all the walks we have taken together this one is my favourite.
g/Our(my) world is more beautiful because we are (I am) blessed to have your as our (my) daughter(son).
h/ As the first man I have ever loved, when you give me away know i will always be your little girl.
i/ Thanks for walking by my side today and always
j.1/To dry your tears as you have always dried mine. Thank you for being my best friend. j.2/To dry your tears as you have always dried mine. Thank you for always being there for me.
k/To remember the day you gave me away, I love you.
l.1/Thank you for teaching me how to Love. l.2/ Thank you for teaching me how to love, and loving me unconditionally
m/ Wishing you love & happiness forever. You’ll always be our little girl. All of our love.
n/Our Wedding, (swirl) Happily ever after starts today.
o/I will never forget this day as a Bride with you, my friend here by my side. (swirl) Thank you
p/You are the love of my life, my rock, my best friend. Thank you for making my dreams come true!
q/A day of Smiles, Joy, Laughter & a Happily Ever After
r/Grow old with me the best is yet to be. (swirl) I love you.
s/Loved you yesterday, Love you still, Always have, Always will, Forever your (granddaughter,son,) [this is really nice for grandparents]
t/My guiding hand is always on your shoulder especially today and always. (swirl) In loving memory of your (father/mother/grandfather/Nanna)
u/You have always been the sunshine in my life.
v/wishing you love & happiness forever. You'll always be our little girl. All of our love
w/ Tears of joy, Tears of laughter, Tears of Happily, Ever after
x/All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to you.
y/Today I marry the love of my life & the man of my dreams.
z/Thank you for your example of a loving wife & mother. Without your guidance I would not be the woman(man) I am today.

If you have any more questions please ask.

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