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This product is:

A Handmade item
Made in Australia
by Katie Evelyn Handwoven Textiles
* All Madeit sellers are based in Australia and goods are shipped from Australia.

Handwoven by the sea in Tasmania, Australia from 100% lambswool.

Designed to become a future heirloom and give you many years of use (and a touch of handmade luxury). This item is unique and one-of-a-kind.

The geometric floral pattern handwoven into this fabric is based on an ancient motif -- it's a piece of wearable textile history, connecting you to an ancient tradition in a surprisingly contemporary design.

We're all trying to reduce our impact on the environment these days and choosing a locally-made, sustainable, eco-friendly 100% natural fibre product is a great way to lessen your footprint. No microplastics here!

Visual description: a dark denim blue ground cloth with a light chambray blue design. The front and back designs are reverse of each other, see photos. NB: colour representation varies from screen to screen, and while I have done my best to accurately capture and describe the colours, please note that slight variation may occur.

Fibre content: 100% lambswool sourced from ethical and sustainable suppliers. This scarf features hems handsewn with 100% cotton thread.

**Handwoven Textiles: Some Information and Advice**

Like all luxury fabrics, this handwoven scarf requires a little extra care. Please avoid wearing it with jewellery that may catch the cloth, and take care when passing by sharp/pointy objects. Should any mishaps occur, please feel free to contact me for advice on restoring the cloth. I am also happy to effect minor repairs for a nominal fee, to ensure your scarf lasts for years to come.

Every piece of handwoven cloth is absolutely unique. Each thread has been placed by human hands, and part of the lovely character of handwoven cloth is provided by the almost imperceptible inconsistencies that are part of being human and not a machine. Sometimes you'll notice those inconsistencies, but most likely they will just contribute to an overall sense of character in the cloth. They will not affect the integrity of the cloth or reduce its durability or usefulness, and are not considered faults.

Every Katie Evelyn Handwoven Textile comes complete with care instructions and fibre content details. Please be assured that every one of my textiles has been woven with 100% natural fibres and sewn with 100% cotton thread, which means when your textile eventually completes its life cycle, it will break down naturally in the compost and restore vital nutrients to the earth. All packaging is plastic-free and is both recyclable and compostable, depending on your preference.

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