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This product is:

A Handmade item
Made in Australia
by IKarma Crystals
* All Madeit sellers are based in Australia and goods are shipped from Australia.

This beautiful pendant contains three spheres- Lapis Lazuli, Golden Tiger Eye and Blue Tiger Eye (AKA Hawk's Eye, Falcon's Eye)

Lapis Lazuli

Chakra Third Eye

Lazurite white calcite and golden pyrite

Ultimate serenity stone.

Peace, spiritual contemplaton, accept and appreciate your life, soothes relationships between friends and family.
Trust your inner voice and intuition. Raise your vibrations to the spiritual realm
Protection from the stone pyrite, deflects unwanted energies

Golden Tiger's Eye
Stone of Sun and Earth
Chakra Solar plexus/Root
Tiger Eye is a grounding stone with a softer and subtle touch if you’ve been feeling a little bit spacey or scattered. It can give confidence but without ego and boosts personal power without getting ahead of yourself. Allow yourself to see the divine in every day life and slow down to appreciate small rituals and routines. Strengthens intentions, trust and faith in our abilities. Earthly and grounding, Tiger eye is a protective stone, dispelling fears and negativity while helping to focus mental clarity on the matter at hand.

Blue Tiger Eye
Stone of communication
Chakra Third eye/Throat
Sharing many of the same qualities as regular Tiger eye, Blue Tiger Eye can also calm the over anxious, quick tempered and phobic. Settle an overactive sex drive and dissolves sexual frustrations. The stone can illuminate issues that would otherwise be hard to see. It can ease feelings of depression and remove fatigue and enhance psychic abilities and boost clairvoyance
This stone will remove any form of creative blocks and promote creativity
Use Blue Tiger eye to attract a steady flow of money and business to your home
The sale of this pendant includes a nylon cord necklace with a metal clasp

*Please be understanding of any current lockdown restrictions and postage delays due to Covid19

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