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This product is:

A Handmade item
Made in Australia
by The Creative Sprout
* All Madeit sellers are based in Australia and goods are shipped from Australia.

Are you a bilingual family? Or are you wanting to help your child learn a second language?

Help your little one learn Cantonese whilst creating a structured day with our hand-drawn bespoke routine cards. These cards have been thoughtfully created with your little one in mind. Little ones love nothing more than feeling like a big kid, giving them control within limits is a great way to achieve this.

Sit down together and organise their day. A little one who's heard and understood is more likely to be happy to go through their daily routine. It definitely beats tantrums and refusal to cooperate.

Give it a go, we hope it helps your day to day life.

Based on our original and best selling routine cards, this Cantonese pack includes 72 routine cards, taking your toddler from early childhood into the new season of schooling and responsibilities. Both Cantonese and English translations are included on each card.

Have another language request? Send us a message, we would love to help!

Includes the following cards:
Brush Hair 梳頭髮
Wake up 起身
Toilet 廁所
Eat breakfast 食早餐
Brush teeth 刷牙
Get dressed 着衫
Play outside 出去玩
Free Time 由你玩
Make bed 執床
Eat snack 食下午茶
Eat lunch 食晏
Eat dinner 食飯
Quiet play 安靜玩
Rest time 休息時間
Pack up 清潔
Shower 冲凉
Pyjamas 睡衣
Storytime 故事時間
Cuddle time 擠擠時間
Bedtime 瞓覺
Wash Face 洗面
Put on sunscreen 搽太陽油
Gloves/Scarf 手套/頸巾
Put on shoes 着鞋
Put on jacket 着褸
Put on hat 戴帽
Shopping 買嘢.
Swimming 游水
Listen to music 聽音樂
Craft time 工藝時間
Screen time 電視時間
Homework 功課
Playdate 朋友一起玩
Party 慶祝會
Study 讀書
Dentist 牙醫
Doctor 醫生
Bike Ride 騎單車
Take Medication 食藥
Take Vitamins 食維他命
Family time 家庭時間
Library 圖書館
Go to park 去公園
Pack bag 執袋
Unpack bag 執袋
Take out rubbish 抌垃圾
Pack lunch 執晏
Go to school 返學
Care for pet 照顧寵物
Car trip 游車河
Catch bus 搭巴士
Walk dog 帶狗出街
Do dishes 洗碗
Clean pet waste 執動物廢物
Wash dog 洗隻狗
Cleanroom 執房
Clean toy room 執玩具房
Play sport 玩運動
Do laundry 洗衫
Get a Drink 攞嘢飲
Do chores 做家務
Music lesson 音樂堂
Clean bathroom 執浴室
Water plants 淋花
Help cook dinner 幫煮飯
Set the table 開枱
Lights out 熄燈


Cards are printed locally in Australia, on a 350gsm uncoated card stock. Your set of cards will come with a 100% natural cotton calico drawstring bag for easy storage.

As this is for children, we always recommend adult supervision. Colours may vary due to how screens read colours differently.

Postage & Handling

Within Australia

(3-5 business days)
+ $4.00 per additional item

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  • Bank Deposit
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