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This product is:

A Handmade item
Made in Australia
by Jacks Laser Works
* All Madeit sellers are based in Australia and goods are shipped from Australia.


From $0.50 per Tag - FREE Shipping.
Size = 30mm diameter, 1.5mm thick.
Laser engraved one side, sharp detail.
Made from sustainable Bamboo Plywood.
Quantity discounts apply.

PERSONALISATION available (brand name / logo): Some of the tags allow for personalisation. Please email or Message me …

Are there special features of your product that aren’t instantly recognisable? Product tags or hang tags, these draw attention to your product. And add perceived value.

Product tags tell a lot about your product, and your brand - whether it’s handmade, locally made, Australia made, handcrafted etc.

Why tag your custom product?
1. Tags draw attention:
Whether online or in a retail setting, people come into contact with a lot of brands, often displayed close together with similar products. Anything you can do to differentiate your product will help get your brand noticed.

2. Tags tell a lot about your product, and your brand:
Any marketer will tell you that a customer's buying cycle goes something like this: emotional decision, rational justification. Product tags provide you the valuable opportunity to appeal to both considerations. The colour or material choice, your logo or tagline may all evoke a feeling for a customer, while your highlighted features (handmade) and benefits (made locally) can add the validation necessary to justify their purchase.

3. Tags add perceived value:
Among the more tangible advantages, when it comes down to it hang tags also just look great. And give a certain oomph to your products that customers will notice. In marketing terminology, a hang tag adds to your apparel’s perceived value, the customer’s evaluation of a product’s ability to fulfill a need and provide more satisfaction than a competing product. Luxury and handmade brands are built on this. It’s the perceived value that justifies the price.

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