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This product is:

A Handmade item
Made in Australia
by Pearls & Girls
* All Madeit sellers are based in Australia and goods are shipped from Australia.

Recovery means healing. Healing from any addiction requires a robust support system, mind, body, spirit and an that’s is all intentional towards recovery and, perhaps most important of all, an optimistic mindset.
Working with crystals for addiction is ideal for anyone recovering from the devastating effects of drugs, alcohol, negative emotional patterns or other substances.

A vital part of the healing process involves spiritual well-being and positive energy. Healing crystals and stones can help promote benefits like feelings of stability, soothing inner calm and focus. Gemstones also help us to change or heal our perspective.
By influencing the root or sacral chakra we can balance the instability within us. To help turn life around, higher vibrational crystals for the heart, throat, third eye and crown chakra would be beneficial.

Amethyst, a purple quartz-like crystal known as the “sobriety stone” in many recovery circles, is typically the crystal of choice to create inner calm and balance and reduce the tendency to overindulge and even abstain. It also detoxifies the body and alleviates withdrawal symptoms

Hematite – brings willpower and focus on overcoming alcohol abuse. It is one of the premier crystals for addictions. It helps to release any unwanted patterns from your life. Hematite helps overcome habitual behaviours and removes any self-imposed limitations, along with encouraging expansion or growth. It grounds and protects, while making us feel safe and secure. It boosts self-esteem and survivability, while enhancing willpower and reliability and imparting confidence.

Lepidolite – stimulates the brains pain centres, alleviating addiction and mood swings. A stone of transition that helps release and reorganise old emotional and behavioural patterns that will instigate positive life changes. It is a protective stone that engenders self-love, patience and optimism. Lepidolite contains lithium; so, it is helpful in stabilising mood swings and is useful in the reduction of stress, anxiety and depression. It is wonderful for overcoming any kind of emotional or mental dependency and supportive in releasing you from addictions. It conveys gentleness and balanced energy.

Rose quartz- unconditional love of oneself and others. An incredible gemstone that heals the subliminal ailments in a person’s mind, Rose Quartz is excellent to get over memories of abuse and traumas. Rose Quartz can help you see reality from your guilt-trips and help reduce the feelings of guilt and shame which could send us right back into addiction.
Ideal for the higher heart chakra, rose quartz is super-effective when worn on as a pendant on a necklace ( aura-by-calum)

Citrine- also called the merchants stone. This is a joyful stone that clears the solar plexus which in turn re-ignites joy, happiness in oneself, and boosts self- esteem and self-confidence. A truly magnificent stone that just fills you with a sense of love and support.

Clear Quartz - is a master healer that intensifies the energy of the other crystals

Peridot is a powerful cleanser that protects your aura. It helps you to release negative patterns and helps you to let go of old baggage from your past such as burdens, guilt or obsessions. Encouraging you to forgive yourself, Peridot helps you to understand your destiny and spiritual purpose. It motivates growth and helps you to bring about changes necessary for your personal good. Peridot also shows you how to detach yourself from outside influences and look to your higher self for guidance, helping you to understand your destiny and spiritual purpose ...

Tiger Eye - Because it combines the energy of both the sun and the earth, Tiger Eye is a “power stone” that has a high vibration that is both grounding, as well as helping to draw spiritual energies to earth. It supports an addictive person in making needed changes, balances yin yang energy and energizes your emotional body. Helping to heal issues of self-worth, self-criticism and blocked creativity, Tiger Eye helps you to recognize your talents and abilities as well as faults that need to be overcome. It is an excellent stone for anyone in a recovery program or is easily distracted, has ADD, manic/depressive, emotionally immature people, procrastinators, people in emotional turmoil

🛒 $25.00
📦 Delivery is a flat rate of just $3.00 anywhere in Australia
🧾 Made to order
👨🏻👩🏽‍🦳🧒🏼 for men, women & children

We source all our materials, create and despatch all our jewellery from within Australia 🇦🇺

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All our crystal - h e a l i n g - creations come with a descriptive presentation card detailing the metaphysical characteristics of each stone used.
We offer a free gift wrapping service for your jewellery which consists of your jewellery being wrapped in tissue paper secured with a ‘handmade’ sticker and popped in either a organza bag or a small gift box.

All our crystal healing jewellery is cleansed and charged with Native American White Sage before it makes its way to you.

We do this to ensure that the crystals have a ‘clean slate’ and pure vibrations ready to adapt to you and only you.

We source our sage from the native land where it originated - North America.
When the sage is picked the root is always left and a prayer of thanks for the harvest is said”

This holds even more significance then the burning of the plant as you are respecting the very earth that it came from and showing gratitude.

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It is important to remember that healing is not the same as curing. Healing is helping the body, or mind, to become stronger and consequently better. Always see your doctor if you have health problems or serious injuries — healing with gemstones, complements, but is not meant as a substitute for medical, or psychological, diagnosis and treatment when needed.

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hello, we charge a flat $3.00 for all deliveries as that is exactly what it costs us via Aus Post, we do not charge for our premium gift wrapping service that we provide on every single purchase. This includes the item wrapped in tissue paper, secured with a personalized sticker and placed in a organza gift bag. we offer this service free of charge as our way of saying Thank You for choosing Pearls & Girls for your jewellery orders.

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