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This product is:

A Handmade item
Made in Australia
by Pearls & Girls
* All Madeit sellers are based in Australia and goods are shipped from Australia.

Fall in love with yourself again.

Emotional abuse may leave no physical marks, but the depth of the scars and the weight of the pain creates a burden that people can’t see—or don’t want to.

Emotional or physical abuse and its consequences are difficult to heal from. You are rebuilding yourself from the aftermath of months, years, or decades of harm, and it is normal to feel like you’re struggling.

We created this customised crystal healing bracelet as a request from a victim of abuse with overwhelming feelings of sadness, anxiety & depression from their past experiences.

While we targeted these concerns in the making of this bracelet we also felt that a massive dose of self love & self care is crucial in the journey of re building & re believing.

We understand that trauma and/or abuse often leaves the victim with diminished self esteem, problems implementing boundaries, lack of courage and or bravery to believe in themselves.

It was incredibly important for us to help rebuild these integral parts of what makes us ‘our best self.’

We have created this bracelet with the most honest intentions, the crystals we have used are as follows:

White Lava Beads
Said to contain the powerful energies of the volcanos that created the stones. Brings calming yet intense energy. Offers stability in times of change.
Because it comes from raw energy, it’s considered to be a stone of rebirth and shedding unneeded layers of emotional attachment.

Swarovski Crystals
Just for some added sparkle on days when you’re feeling low, the sparkle is there to remind you there’s always a glimmer of hope.

Hematite (Stone for the Mind) Hematite exudes strength, much like a rod of iron. This is a powerful stone that encourages reliability, willpower and confidence when you’re feeling a lack of courage.
It’s called the Stone for the Mind as it can help declutter your head-mind chatter and inspires original thoughts. It encourages you to reach for your dreams, as it’s often self-limiting behaviours and thought patterns that stops us.

Bloodstone is a powerful stone that can help you accept change and recognise the benefits of going through a difficult situation. It also teaches us how to avoid dangerous situations by recognising other options.

If you wish to protect yourself against bullying or negative people, or need the courage to deal with an emotional struggle, Bloodstone will bestow its energy of courage to help you.

Malachite is a green stone with all these swirling shapes in it. It’s about movement. When it comes to boundaries, we’re always moving through different things in our lives and sometimes we reach at a point where we say, “Hey look, I don’t want this toxic relationship.” We need to move through our own state of being. Malachite helps you do that.

Jade is a very ancient cleansing crystal that gently dissolves toxic energies and takes it out of your energy field. It then fills your aura with gentle loving vibes. This stone helps you to forgive and forget, the best healing of all.

Pink calcite
Will boost your self-esteem and your self-confidence. It will also enhance your sense of compassion towards others.
This stone is beneficial for those who are suffering from any type of emotional trauma, including the loss of a loved one, a nasty breakup, or physical and emotional abuse.

supports releases blocked emotions & creates wholeness! stability & wellbeing.
induce a calm & contemplative state of self-love.
surface old suppressed emotional pain & grief so it can be processed & released.

Green Aventurine is a wonderful protector that cuts ties with anyone whose energy field is toxic to you & wraps you in a cloak of protection. Wear it constantly to ensure the cords cannot be re-tied

Amazonite (Stone of Courage and Truth) Amazonite women were known for their strength and bravery. These traits have influenced this stone, allowing you to find your true self and live by those values.
If you need clarity, the courage to accomplish your dreams, or confidence in your own abilities, amazonite's superlative powers will help you.
Note: Amazonite is softer than most stones so can be easily scratched.

A stone for “new beginnings”, Moonstone is a stone of inner growth and strength. It soothes emotional instability and stress, and stabilises the emotions, providing calmness. Moonstone enhances intuition, promotes inspiration and connects us to what we truely believe in.

Lepidolite is one of the most powerful crystals to help with stress and worry when life feels turbulent and overwhelming. It’s high lithium content provides serenity, helping you work through and dissolve any negative emotions rising within you.
Lepidolite is calming and nurturing, like a warm hug from a kind friend when you need some support.

It can help lift you out of depression, or express the grief that lies beneath its surface. Lepidolite shows us that healing begins once we accept our shadows and sorrows as pieces of ourselves to love rather than resist.

🛒 $25.00
📦 Delivery is a flat rate of just $3.00 Australia wide
🧾 Made to order
👨🏻👩🏽‍🦳🧒🏼 for men, women & children

We source all our materials, create and despatch all our jewellery from within Australia 🇦🇺

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All our creations come presented in a gift box with cotton fill lining or a organza gift bag and a description card.

All our crystal healing jewellery is cleansed and charged with Native American White Sage before it makes its way to you.

We do this to ensure that the crystals have a ‘clean slate’ and pure vibrations ready to adapt to you and only you.

We source our sage from the native land where it originated - North America.
When the sage is picked the root is always left and a prayer of thanks for the harvest is said”

This holds even more significance then the burning of the plant as you are respecting the very earth that it came from and showing gratitude.

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**Disclaimer **

***Remember, crystal meanings are for spiritual support, not prescription or healthcare information. Crystal and Spiritual healing info is not a substitute, nor intended to be a substitute for medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. It is presented as spiritual support ONLY. Please do not forego medical treatment if needed. For medical info please seek the advice of a licensed healthcare professional***

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+ $0.50 per additional item
hello, we charge a flat $3.00 for all deliveries as that is exactly what it costs us via Aus Post, we do not charge for our premium gift wrapping service that we provide on every single purchase. This includes the item wrapped in tissue paper, secured with a personalized sticker and placed in a organza gift bag. we offer this service free of charge as our way of saying Thank You for choosing Pearls & Girls for your jewellery orders.

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Price ($AUD): $25.00

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