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This product is:

A Handmade item
Made in Australia
by Naturally Rustic
* All Madeit sellers are based in Australia and goods are shipped from Australia.

These beautiful rustic wood slice ornaments, featuring adorable native Australian animal prints, come in four unique designs; an echinda, kangaroo & joey, koala, and kookaburra.

They can be purchased individually or, if you can't decide on just one, you can purchase the full set for a discounted price - You can make your selection from the drop-down menu above.

Please note, as this is a handmade product using natural wood slices, no ornament will look exactly as pictured.

Each ornament is between 8-10 cm in diameter, approximately 1 cm thick, and comes finished with jute twine for hanging - giving them an added rustic vibe.

Jute twine is currently available in two colour options - natural or green - please include your colour preference during checkout. I will use the natural jute twine as the default colour unless you specify otherwise

All ornaments are made to order upon receipt of payment - Please allow up to 5 business days (not including delivery) for me to make your ornaments.

Note: Occasionally it may take longer to make your plaque, particularly in the weeks leading up to certain occasions, therefore, it is always best to order in advance or, if that isn't an option, please select the express post option in order to help get your plaque to you as quickly as possible. I will notify you if your plaque is going to take longer than expected at the time of placing your order.

*** Please note: Postage may take longer than usual at this time. ***


Wood Variation

Each wood slice will vary in diameter as listed in each product description. Furthermore, the shape, thickness, and appearance will also vary. The appearance of each wood slice will vary in colour, space between growth rings, saw marks, and other distinguished markings such as the colour of the pith and scars between growth rings.


Cracking in your wood slice photos can occur and is part of their naturally rustic charm but it's certainly not something to be concerned about as cracking is generally minimal and, in most cases, won't have a significant effect to your image. As they are a natural product, I cannot guarantee that they won't crack or split, particularly if it were as a result of fall damage or changes in temperature and humidity. Be sure to take good care of your wood slices - do not keep them within direct and constant sunlight or within close proximity of any heaters, and do not get them wet.


Bark thickness will also vary and does have a tendency to chip or fall off. Small bark falling off your wood slice is normal, particularly during shipping or when being handled. If a larger piece of bark should break off your wood slice, gently remove so as not to damage your image then you can easily glue it back on - I recommend using wood glue - or simply discard.

Please note: All wood slice photo plaques are for decoration purposes only. They are not a toy and are not to be given as a toy. Please be mindful that loose bark can be a choking hazard for babies and young children.

Image Selection

Please choose high-quality photos with good lighting and plenty of clearance from your main desired focal point so that I can adjust the size of your image to suit the size of your selected wood slice. If your image is low quality (low resolution/dpi) it may not be possible to re-size properly and your photo may appear very pixelated. Please let me know if there are any specific features in your image that you do not wish to be cropped out. I will contact you if there are any issues with your image.

I will use your images 'as is' - I do not change the appearance of your photos such as brightness, contrast, and colour. If this is something you wish to be changed I recommend you edit your photos to your liking prior to placing your order.

The overall look of your photo will change when it is transferred onto the wood. Ultimately, it is going to look amazing as the best feature will be the beautiful natural growth rings that can be seen through your image. Other natural characteristics of the wood can also be seen through your image such as colour variation of the wood and scars between growth rings. White and highly light colours in your photo will appear more like the natural colour of the wood slice. Overall, each photo wood slice will be a gorgeous and rustic one of a kind treasure.

Thank you for visiting Naturally Rustic.

Postage & Handling

Within Australia


Payment methods accepted

  • PayPal or Credit Card
  • Bank Deposit
    (Australia Only)

Payment Instructions

When making your payment please use your username or first and last name as reference. Thank you.

Price ($AUD): from $22.00

+ $8.95 Standard Postage
(Within Australia)
Made To Order in 5-10 business days



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