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A forgotten ingredient that has been pushed out of the market yet was once used in home and industry without concern. Your skin will thank you when you bring tallow back in to your health and beauty regime.

**BONUS: For each purchase, I will include a trial size solid tallow balm bar to try so you can see how silky and protective tallow is for your skin. You can use this as a lip balm, cuticle balm, moisturiser, dry skin soother and more.**

I've been using this tallow in my homemade soaps and other body care products and find - like all the information I've read from various sources and my personal experience - it is extremely compatible with the human epidermis and one of the safest products to use all over the body. Whilst I have loved using plant based botanical products for some time now, I'm almost fully converted to only using ingredients from fauna. It is what our ancestors - pre industrial revolution - used.

There are even some big name celebrity skin care brands that have acknowledged the skin benefits of this ancient ingredient. --> https://www.elle.com.au/beauty/beef-fat-the-new-hot-beauty-product-3129

Chemical free, locally sourced, it is a clean source of body nourishment fit for human consumption. The golden buttery colour of the tallow makes it look like you want to eat it - and actually you can, it's just not that tasty on its own. It is pure goodness that shouldn't ever be wasted.

Tallow can be mixed with all other fats and or oils - plant or animal - you may use for your personal care products. It blends superbly with coconut oil, lard, olive oil, essential oils, beeswax, nut oils and more. Any product with tallow as a base ingredient will leave your skin feeling soft, nourished and left with a matte finish, rather than greasy.

For those of you interested to try some tallow for using in your small batch personal body care products, these portions are the perfect size to use.

Tallow has an exceptionally long shelf life if stored appropriately - in a dark cool cupboard or even the freezer.

Each portion - heart / round - weighs between 80g-90g. To average out the cost, all portions are priced equally.

Note: If you would like larger quantities of tallow for personal use, please inquire. I can render some into larger jar sizes for convenience of shipping.

Solid Tallow Balm is made from this very same grass fed Maleny tallow, unhydrogenated lard (pork fat) and locally sourced beeswax from Brisbane region.


Tallow is generally from the kidney leaf fat (suet) from a cow. This fat is then rendered down (slowly melted) and filtered and the final product is lovely pure healthy fat called tallow. Tallow is such versatile and extremely safe product for human use.

The tallow I source is from a local farm which means the carbon footprint to obtain this product is as minimal as possible.

I trust the farm I purchase from as their livelihood depends on their stewardship of their land and the highest care for their animals which naturally give back to the earth.

This tallow is from purely pasture raised and grass fed Black Angus from the lovely Maleny in Queensland.

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