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Little Beats Studio

Wooden tapping sticks - dotty dip

Price ($AUD): $23.95


Harness your little one's love of hitting, and teach them to keep rhythm with these tapping sticks/claves. As they are made of wood they make a lovely loud, but mellow, sound. Try tapping them together, scraping the smooth clave against the ridged one (like using a guiro), or roll them on the ground. And don't be discouraged if your child only wants to chew them at first - to play an instrument you first of all have to know it's a thing!

These are made from FSC certified timber and then hand painted by me with Australian low VOC water-based enamel paints, so there are no hidden nasties.

As they are all hand painted each piece is individual. To protect the paintwork, encourage holding the painted end - the paint is quite durable as it is enamel, but scraping really does put it to the test!

Clean with a non-abrasive soapy cloth when required.

Approximately 20cm tall and 2cm in diameter, each set of sticks comes with one smooth and one ridged clave.

Price includes shipping :-)

This is an instrument, and although all small parts are fully enclosed, adult supervision is recommended for small children (as with any children's toy 😊)

Please comment which colour (blue, grey, mint, mauve, pink or rainbow) you prefer when finalising your purchase.

The price is for a single set of claves (one smooth and one ridged) and includes shipping

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Price ($AUD): $23.95


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