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Multi gemstone sterling silver dangler earring.

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Simply beautiful multi gemstone earrings in sterling silver. A perfect mix of colours and gemstones that compliments and reflects the beauty of the soul from within.

Gemstones: (From top)
Smoky Quartz
Carved Rose Quartz

100% natural gemstones

Metal: sterling silver

Length: 8.7 cm including the ear wire.

Handmade with utmost love and care.
Lovingly packed and sent to you in a gift box.


It is important to handle your jewelry with care to protect its structural integrity and to prolong its longevity.

925 Sterling silver, in its natural state, is prone to tarnish when it comes in contact with oxygen. I would highly recommend to protect your jewelry from humidity, perfumes, soaps and chemicals. Do not wear your jewelry while in shower or swimming. Always remove your jewelry before going to bed and it’s advisable to store your jewelry in an air tight container or ziplock when not in use.

* Tip: Don’t throw the silicon gel packs that comes with new shoes and garments. Silicon gel absorbs moisture. Add a pack of the silicon gel to your jewelry box or ziplock along with your silver or copper jewelry to prevent them from tarnishing quickly.


Hypersthene is a protective, grounding stone. Its soothing energy helps to calm and relax the overthinking, exhausted mind, reducing anxiety, stress and tension, and providing mental clarity, insight and better judgment. It stimulates spiritual awareness, enhances clairvoyance, and fosters development of psychic abilities.

Smoky Quartz absorbs pessimistic energies in the form of tension, stress and fear, and greatly aid in dealing with feelings of depression by promoting tranquility. It helps to ground excess energies and can also cleanse and clear your aura while protecting you from psychic attacks and negative energies including EMF (electromagnetic frequencies).

Amethyst, known as the master healer, is a natural tranquiliser that helps to relieve insomnia, migraine, headaches and addiction problems. A highly spiritual stone, Amethyst is an excellent tool to enhance intuition and accelerate psychic development. It also protects you from all forms of negative energies and psychic attacks.

Prehnite is known as a prophecy stone, and a healer's healing stone. It is associated with Archangel Raphael and enhances precognition, psychic abilities and strengthens connection with spiritual realms. It offers protection on all levels and are great for meditation, astral travel and dream works. It facilitates harmony with nature, and promotes forgiveness, acceptance, unconditional love and inner peace. It is a stone of abundance and prosperity, and is also known to clear toxins from the body and balance the meridians.

Rose Quartz exists solely to promote unconditional love and compassion for those surrounding it. Rose Quartz expands its expertise to encourage self-love, as well as forgiveness and acceptance for every other relationship.

Moonstone is associated with the divine feminine energy and is great for fertility, pregnancy and childbirth, and helps to balance hormonal cycles. It helps to calm emotions, promoting patience and tranquility, and balances the yin yang energies. It is also a stone of love and abundance and is known to open doors to new beginnings and opportunities.

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Price ($AUD): $128.00

FREE Shipping
(Within Australia)
Ready to ship now


Only 1 Left!
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