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Herkimer diamond (Quartz), Clear Quartz & black Spinel sterling silver earring.

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A statement earring, with Herkimer Diamond (Quartz), black Spinel and clear Quartz, perfect for the souls who are open to expand their awareness and aren’t shy to embrace their authenticity.

This combination is excellent for meditation, channeling, healing, tarot and oracle reading, journeying and more.

Herkimer Diamond (double terminated Quartz)
Black Spinel
Clear Quartz

100% natural gemstones.

Metal: 925 sterling silver

Length: 8 cm including the ear wire.

Handmade with utmost love and care. Delivered to you in a gift box.


925 Sterling silver, in its natural state, is prone to oxidisation when it comes in contact with oxygen. I would highly recommend to protect your jewelry from humidity, perfume, soaps and chemicals. Always handle your jewelry with care. Do not wear your jewelry while in shower or when swimming. It is advisable to remove your jewelry before going to bed and store your jewelry in an air tight container or ziplock when not in use.

* Tip: Don’t throw the silicon gel packs that comes with new shoes and garments. Silicon gel absorbs moisture. Add a pack of the silicon gel to your jewelry box or ziplock along with your silver or copper jewelry to prevent them from tarnishing quickly.


Herkimer diamond (Quartz) helps to accelerate spiritual growth and psychic development. It helps to anchor the energy frequencies from higher dimensions that allows to connect with the angelic realms and aids in astral travel, channeling, dream works and to work with Akashic records.

Clear Quartz is known to absorb, store, amplify, transmit and channel universal energy and can enhance and amplify the energies of other crystals.

Grounding is very essential while working with high energy crystals and higher Chakras. Black spinel is a strong grounding and protection crystal that can ground the energies of Herkimer diamond and clear Quartz. It works with the earth star chakra and root chakra and helps clear energy blockages, balance emotions and facilitates mental clarity.

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Price ($AUD): $65.00

FREE Shipping
(Within Australia)
Ready to ship now


Only 1 Left!
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