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Soul Healing Store

Aries Birthstone Bracelet, Crystals For Aries.

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The symbol of Aries is the Ram and that's both good and bad news. Impulsive Aries might be tempted to ram their ideas down everyone's throats without even bothering to ask if they want to know. It is these times when you may wish Aries' symbol were a more subdued creature, more lamb than ram perhaps. You are not likely to convince the Ram to soften up; these folks are blunt and to the point. We suggest you use stones to enhance and balance your Aries qualities such as Bloodstone and Turquoise with the compliment of Quartz Crystal.
The leadership displayed by Aries is most impressive, so do not be a surprise if they can rally the troops against seemingly insurmountable odds, they have that kind of personal magnetism.
An Aries won't shy away from the new ground, either. Those born under this sign are often called the pioneers of the zodiac, and it is their fearless trek into the unknown that often wins the day. Aries is a bundle of energy and dynamism, kind of like a Pied Piper, leading people along with it is charm and charisma. The drawing of a new day and all of it is possibilities, is pure bliss to an Aries.


Aries *March 21 to April 19* ~ Fire ~

**Fire Sign**
Tend to be passionate, dynamic and temperamental. They get angry quickly but they also forgive easily. They are adventurers with immense energy. They are physically very strong and are a source of inspiration for others. Fire signs are intelligent, self-aware, creative and idealistic people, always ready for action. [Astrology Zodiac Signs, contact @ astrology-zodiac-signs.com]

>Bloodstone: Are green jasper dotted with bright red spots of iron oxide. Legend tells us the Bloodstone or heliotrope had the power to cause thunder, lightning, rain and tempest. It has traditionally been believed that the Bloodstone brings it is wearer consideration and respect and guards him against deception. The Bloodstone is used today in many ways. It is used to amplify the Universal Life Force to give it is wearer courage, wealth, strength, victory, power and strength in new enterprises. If you are an Aries, a Bloodstone should be in your pocket all the time. It will bring you respect and guard you against being cheated or deceived.

>Turquoise: Is a fresh colour, a welcome colour and a colour that moves us to serenity knowing that the cycle of life is progressing rapidly. Is the colour ray of Discovery and the colour ray of Balance. It is vibrations to help you find yourself and return to equilibrium in your life and feelings. A Turquoise stone itself would be a great choice for an Aries. This crystal is an amulet stone of tranquillity, peace and protection from the undesirable elements of life. It is an ancient birthstone and one that is an excellent meditation aid.

>Quartz Crystal: Clarifies your intention and magnifies it. Acts as a deep soul cleanser, purifying and enhancing the body's internal structure and surrounding subtle bodies to connect the physical dimension with the mind. It focuses on inner negativity and stimulates positive thoughts and feelings in it is placed. With a better perception of the world, Quartz Crystal increases awareness and clarity in thinking, and provides enhanced energy, perseverance and patience, teaching one to live, laugh and love.

>Aromatic Sandalwood: Is one of the traditional materials used for Malas. A soothing, peaceful and fragrant wood it is said to attract positive subtle vibrations, bring clear perception, promote tranquillity and a positive frame of mind.
Sandalwood is an antidepressant, antiseptic, insecticidal and sedative wood.
It can assist in the healing of cells and is used to assist the immune system in any healing process or to prevent illness.
Calming Sandalwood is a wonderful meditation tool. It is sedative and properly clears stress from the nervous system.

HOW * TO * USE * IT:
Instruction on - How to activate your healing bracelet enclosed.

Bloodstone gemstone beads 8mm.
Turquoise gemstone beads 8mm.
Quartz Crystal gemstone beads 8mm.
Aromatic Sandalwood beads 8mm.

Handmade by me: Carla Andrea, here at my home studio in Melbourne, Australia.
Every bead is handpicked and strung on a sturdy thread to ensure beautiful, lasting quality!

The Soul Healing Jewelry is beautifully packaged in a 100% natural cotton pouch with the logo of the store.
Ready to be presented as a gift.
Description cards for each crystal explaining the healing/ metaphysic energy.
Instructions/ advice card, explaining how to take care of the Soul Healing crystals.
Instructions card, explaining how to take care of the Soul Healing stainless steel laser charms (if included in the piece)

Because each bracelet is made-to-order it is crucial, you measure your wrist before purchasing.
If you do not have a fabric measuring tape, a strip of paper or a string and a ruler will work just as well. Measure, under the wrist bone.

Extra small (XS)~ Fits 6.5 inches = Small woman’s wrist
Small (S)~ Fits 7 inches = Average woman’s wrist
Medium (M)~ Fits 8 inches = Average man’s wrist or woman with large wrist
Large (L)~ Fits 9 inches = For a man with a large wrist
Extra large (XL)~ Fits 9.5 inches = For a man with a very large wrist

1 inch = 2.54cm

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Price ($AUD): $37.00

FREE Shipping
(Within Australia)


Only 1 Left!
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