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Janice’s FAB Collection

Janice’s FAB Collection

Third Eye Chakra Essential Oil Blend

Price ($AUD): $24.00


Third eye chakra
Essential Oils
Take anywhere,
Self Care
Travel savvy,
Travel light
Travel friendly
10mil, glass bottle
Australian hand made product by me
Gemstone roller ball Selenite
If you are after a unique way to wear your essential oils, I have created a beautiful Third Eye Chakra Blend using quality 100% essential oils in almond oil all home grown in Australia.The travel savvy take anywhere 10mil size, has a gemstone roller ball and is a glass bottle,I also combine with crystal and sound vibration, using the singing bowl, to complete my amazing little, gorgeous smelling, self care product.The base Chakra is found in the forehead area in the middle and for me helps with foresite , having a clear foresite allows for growth in all areas of life.

IMPORTANT:: Please keep in mind when using 100% essential oils that if you are, pregnant, breastfeeding, are on medication, or have any conditions that you may react to when using essential oils, that you have the all clear from your doctor.
Always test your product first on the wrist, if you have a reaction stop using immediately.

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Price ($AUD): $24.00


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