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Emergence Boutique

Emergence Boutique

Gemstone Roller Bottles, Set of 5,

Price ($AUD): $27.50


The Menopause Range is great for those of you about to go through, going through or coming out of menopause. There are so many different blends to make to help ease the discomfort of this time of life.

Each bottle is 10mls and has a clear glass roller ball for ease of use.

Roller bottles are one of the easiest ways to pre-dilute and apply essential oils. These Luxe Collection 10mL Roller Bottles are durable and reliable for using with essential oils and taking your non-toxic DIY to a whole new, luxurious level.

The New Luxe series of bottles are chip resistent (not painted)

*NEW* brushed metallic caps that are designed to fit flush and proportionally to the 10mL bottle. The tops of these caps are flat, making them perfect for round oil label stickers.

*NEW* clear glass rollerball! The glass rollerball has a seamless surface for smooth rolling and application. Because of the nature of glass, this rollerball will not be damaged by essential oils over time. This design features a special gripped orifice to keep the rollerball in place, preventing it from coming loose or falling out.

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Price ($AUD): $27.50


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