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Bird in Milk

  • This item is not currently available as the seller is on holiday. Please click here to view their other items

Bird in Milk

8” (20.3cm) Flared Cloth Pad, Light/Liner Absorbency.

8” (20.3cm) Bird in Milk Light absorbency Cloth Pads are perfect for light menstrual flow, everyday freshness and menstrual cup backup.

How to customise your pad for you?

For your Light absorbency cloth pad choose one fabric from the picture above and leave a note at checkout letting me know what fabric you would like.
7.25, 8, 9, 11, 13, 15 or 17 inch lengths available (see individual listings or message me for a custom order)

Flared pads can be made with a 2.25, 2.5, 2.75 or 3 inch snapped width (width of pad at gusset and often the narrowest part of the pad).
Leave a note at checkout letting me know if you have a preference, if you do not leave a note pads will be made with a 2.5” snapped width.

Light absorbency Cloth Pads have a 500gsm core, which is made up of one layer of 100% organic cotton & hemp fleece and one layer of 100% cotton flannel. This absorbency is perfect for everyday freshness, light menstrual flow and menstrual cup backup.

An asymmetrical flared cloth pad design offers additional back or front coverage for the wearer depending on the direction it is worn.

Print fabric currently available as per numbers in picture.
1- 100% organic cotton jersey fabric.
2- 100% organic cotton jersey fabric.
3- 100% organic cotton jersey fabric.
4- 100% organic cotton jersey fabric.
5- 100% organic cotton jersey fabric.
6- 100% organic cotton jersey fabric.
7- 100% cotton jersey fabric.
8- 100% cotton jersey fabric.
9- 100% organic cotton & hemp fleece fabric (extra charge of $1 to $3 per pad for this top fabric)
10- 100% cotton flannelette fabric
11- 100% cotton flannelette fabric
12- 100% cotton flannelette fabric
13- 100% cotton woven fabric.
14- 100% cotton woven fabric.
15- 100% cotton woven fabric.
16- 100% cotton woven fabric.
17- 100% cotton woven fabric.
18- 100% cotton woven fabric.

Non Slip Backing Fabric - 100% cotton corduroy used on all pads.
100% cotton thread.
KAM snaps.

More about the materials used
All fabrics used are pre washed prior to construction to remove any leftover nasties from the manufacturing process and to minimise shrinkage of the final product.
All hemp/cotton fabric has been soaked, heat washed and tumble dried 4 times prior to construction and is ready for use on arrival but your pad will continue to become more absorbent over the next few washes.
Our Bird in Milk cloth pads are 100% natural, made completely from cotton or hemp fibres and that’s something we are really proud of.
Bird in Milk is committed to using no synthetic petroleum based fabrics or microplastic producing fibres such as polyurethane laminate (PUL) and synthetic fleece.
No waterproof layer is used in Bird in Milk cloth pads.
No glue or basting sprays are used in the construction of our pads.
Patterns are traced on to fabric with a non toxic water soluble fabric marker pen which has been designed for this stated purpose.

All pads come with full care and washing instructions.
Do NOT rinse pads in hot water as this will set any blood stains. Rinse and stain treat (if needed) with cold
The use of commercial fabric softeners is not recommended on your cloth pads as it may leave a residue on the fabric making it less absorbent over time. Vinegar or other natural softeners are usually fine to use.

Once invoice has been paid please allow 7-14 days construction time. Most orders are processed in a shorter timeframe but please allow for maximum processing time.

Still have a bunch of questions? Not sure where to start? Check out our getting started with cloth pads section on our store page or check out the free files on our Bird in Milk Facebook page for detailed instructions (with pics!) on choosing and caring for your cloth pads.

Postage & Handling

Within Australia

FREE per additional item
FREE per additional item

Payment methods accepted

  • PayPal or Credit Card

Payment Instructions

Don’t forget to message seller if you have a custom print fabric request. Local Blue Mountains pickup available 2777, please message if you would like to collect your item in person and I will amend your invoice.