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Clary Sage 15ml Pure Essential Oil

Clary Sage Essential Oil was once one of the most valued herbs used for stomach disorders, infertility and nervous conditions. In Latin 'clarus' means clear and the herb was nicknamed “clear eyes” during the Middle Ages for its ability to “clear” tired or strained eyes and blurred vision.

DESCRIPTION: Salvia Sclarea

NOTE: Middle
SOURCE: Leaves & Flowers.
EXTRACTION: Steam Distillation.
ORIGINS: Morocco, England, France and throughout the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe.
BLENDS WELL WITH: Bergamot. Black Pepper. Cardamom. Cedarwood. Chamomile. Coriander. Cypress. Frankincense. Geranium. Grapefruit. Jasmine. Juniper. Lavender. Lemon Balm. Lime. Mandarin. Patchouli. Petitgrain. Pine. Rose. Rosemary. Sandalwood. Tea Tree.

AROMATIC DESCRIPTION: Earthy, fruity and floral aroma. Spicy-sweet, nutty and herbaceous. Medium-strong.

A member of the mint family, clary sage is popularly used in soothing teas and an array of culinary applications. It's long-lasting spicy, yet subtle fruity notes make it a prevalent ingredient in perfumes, lotions, hair care, bath oils and soaps.
Native to Southern Europe, clary sage was a highly-esteemed herb revered in the Middle Ages as Oculus Christi for its ability to promote eye health. Its very name is derived from the Latin word “clear.” Clary sage was also added into muscatel (a rich, sweet wine) and some English beers because of its sweet, nutty essences. Clary Sage essential oil is relaxing and balancing. Traditionally used to relieve excessive sweating associated with hot flushes and night sweats. It also aids a restful sleep.
Balancing, euphoric and relaxing. Helps overcome fear, stress and worry.
Use in Massage, baths, may be added to base emollients and vaporisation.

Non-toxic, non-irritating and non-sensitising. Possible skin sensitivity, with hypersensitive skin types, but this is rare. Use oils with care, if pregnant or nursing, always consult your Doctor first. Avoid direct contact with sensitive skin areas including, eyes, nose and ears. Always dilute essential oils with a high-quality carrier oil such as Jojoba or Sweet Almond Oil.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the TGA, Therapeutic Goods Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Individuals receiving this information must exercise their independent judgment in determining its appropriateness for a particular purpose or use.
The user of the product is solely responsible for compliance with all laws and regulations applying to the use of the products, including intellectual property rights of third parties.

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