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Protect your face & body from the sun’s harmful rays with Azil’s broad-spectrum natural sunscreen whilst caring & nurturing your skin at the same time. It’s ocean safe, biodegradable and uses a non-nano zinc oxide making this sunscreen a perfect choice for both yourself and the environment.

The ingredients in this sunscreen have been specifically chosen due to their naturally occurring SPF properties to protect your skin from the suns damaging UVA & UVB rays, safely & naturally. Red Raspberry Oil has a high natural SPF of 25-50, possesses an exceptionally high proportion of Vitamin E & A plus Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids and has anti-inflammatory properties; Carrot Seed Pure Essential Oil also has a high naturally occurring SPF of 35-40, is high in carotol giving it skin rejuvenating properties and can also balance dry & oily skin; Zinc Oxide provides a natural SPF of 12-25, is the broadest absorber of the full UV spectrum and also has soothing effects against skin irritations; both Coconut Oil & Organic Shea Butter have a natural SPF of 4-6 whilst also being quite moisturising & protecting for your skin; lastly Aloe Vera is also added to nurture and heal skin due to sun exposure.

While we are unable to determine an exact SPF for this sunscreen without scientific testing, we have indicated the natural SPF ranges of the main ingredients used. It is still important that you remain sun-safe whilst using any sunscreen ie. wear sun-safe clothing, remain in the shade, re-apply regularly.

Usage: Apply liberally to exposed skin. Suitable for all skin types. No need to wait before going in the sun as this natural sunscreen works immediately. Follow sun-safe practices and re-apply your natural sunscreen every couple of hours to maintain protection (more often if swimming/sweating). You will find that this safer sunscreen may leave a white film on your skin, depending on how much you have rubbed it in. This is because we’ve used non-nano zinc oxide particles rather than the smaller nano or micronized particles. This is important because non-nano particles are large enough to sit on the outside layer of your skin where they can absorb, convert & reflect UV radiation, they won’t enter your blood stream or harm the fragile marine environments and can better protect you from UV rays. Please note, being made with natural ingredients, the lotion can become thinner (more liquidy) if exposed to high heat ie. left in the car on a summers day, so it’s recommended to avoid long heat exposure & shake bottle before use.


I hand make all of these gorgeous Healthy, Safe and Beneficial Skincare, Haircare & Soy Wax Candle products....which I like to call FOOD FOR YOUR BODY! It’s all natural and you'll really see & feel the difference when you use my products on your skin & hair. All products are FREE from parabens, silicones, aluminium or harsh detergents making them suitable for all skin types. I absolutely love what I create and want to share the passion & benefits of these products with you. Try some today...you won’t be disappointed!

Some of these things might be common sense to some, but just to be sure I need to outline some safety things to make sure everyone gets the most out of AZIL products...in a safe manner.
• For external use only. Do not ingest any products. I know you can eat coconut oil, or olive oil, but there could be other ingredients in the product that wouldn’t go too well in your stomach.
• Avoid getting any products in eyes. If you do, wash immediately with water.
• Avoid getting products in open wounds.
• Even though my products are made with safe natural ingredients, it is always recommended to do a patch test first before use. Some people may have an allergy to an oil (ie. Coconut) or any other ingredient with or without knowing about it. To do a patch test, just massage a small portion of the product onto your palm and leave it for a little while. If no reaction occurs, wash off and start using your delicious AZIL product. If a reaction occurs, wash off immediately and discontinue use of the product.
• The essential oils I utilise in some products are 100% pure and their dosage is in accordance with recommended safe maximums for essential oil safety. AZIL products can also be used on babies/small children however the ones with essential oils in them need to be diluted by half. For example the Rest n Relax Massage Oil is popular for baby sleep routines and I advise parents to dilute the massage oil 50:50 with say coconut or olive oil.
• Keep out of reach from children. We wouldn’t want a child to accidentally spray a product in their eyes or tip out an oil onto a tiled surface.
• Store products in a cool, dry place.

Lastly....THANK YOU for supporting Australian HANDMADE!

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