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Ameogem Jewellery

  • This item is not currently available as the seller is on holiday. Please click here to view their other items

Ameogem Jewellery

SET 3: Genuine Blue Cyan PERUVIAN CHRYSOCOLLA Necklace, Earrings and Bracelet.

SUPER DEAL! A set of 3 pieces: Necklace and matching pair of earrings, and a Bracelet.

Unique handmade piece of jewellery crafted with GENUINE Chrysocolla and Peruvian Chrysocolla displaying uniform shinny, green, blue cyan and dark tones.
Peruvian Chrysocolla in the bracelet is cut as oval cand coin shape abochon (cut in convex form and highly polished, but not faceted) to accentuate the signature color patterns that make each gemstone visually unique.

Chrysocolla is the birthstone for March and April; and for VIRGO and TAURUS.

Gemstone: Genuine Peruvian Chrysocolla
Color: bluish-green, cyan;
Hardness: 6.5 - 7.0 Mohs scale
Gemstone origin: Peru;
Metal: Tibetan Silver (does not tarnish)
Gemstone diameter: 12 and 17 mm (coin shape)
Length 57 cm

Gemstone diameter: 8mm (abascus)
length: 18cm (stretchy)

Gemstone diameterL 12 mm (coin shape)
Length: 3.8cm


This jewellery set will be wrapped in a beautiful Asian brocade Silk Bag Pouch.(color varies)

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