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Unique retro scalloped edged lampshade with floral fabric and aqua blue braiding

Price ($AUD): $50.00


This unique one of a kind Tiffany scalloped edged floral and aqua blue braided lampshade is handmade using high quality materials such as floral poplin fabric, clean up-cycled wire frame, white bias binding and aqua gimp braid.

This lampshade is highlighted with gorgeous aqua blue braiding.

If you like the unusual look and want to brighten a room then this lampshade is just the right one.

Add this to a room and it will become the center piece of that room.

Vibrant colours to match most room decor.

Sent to you in a secure box wrapped in bubble wrap.

Length- 97 cm
Diameter- 25 cm

Cleaning recommendations-

Air trained onto a shade can rid it of dirt and debris. After removing the shade from the lamp base, plug in a hair dryer and train it on the lampshade to blow away the dust as you rotate the shade.

If you’re already vacuuming your floor , keep the attachments handy and use the soft brush attachment to vacuum down the shade carefully, the force of the suction will lift away most dirt and debris.

Postage & Handling

Within Australia




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Price ($AUD): $50.00


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