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This product is:

A Handmade item
Made in Australia
by Nordic Grey Designs
* All Madeit sellers are based in Australia and goods are shipped from Australia.

ABOUT GNOME AMOS KAKSI i(Amos No.2 in Finnish):

This ‘Amos’ series all wear amazing beards of pure white yak faux fur and feature a sparkly gnomey hat.
These guys come as a pair as they just love to lean on each other. They couldn't bear to be separated from the other.

* This is for 2 (two) gnome

* The gnomes from the Amos series all measure around 43 cm (17 inches)

* Cotton drill fabric body

* Glitter detail on the hats

* Unique featured nose

* Weighted body

* All hand stitched and sewn on my circa 1915 Singer 99k sewing machine

You may be wondering about the name Amos… Each gnome series is titled after a member of my family, Amos being my great uncle.


Tomte, Tonttu, Tomtenisse and Nisse are all names for the same creature...

A somewhat mischievous and spiritual Scandinavian gnome who loves to take up residence in a well maintained abode. From there he will do what he can to maintain your level of wealth by tending to your animals and the upkeep of the house all while you sleep… They take much pride exuding a happy, healthy house to your neighbours.

They really don't require much, just a warm bowl of oats with some butter over it at Christmas time... deny him this simple pleasure and you may regret that decision. They can be notoriously vengeful if done wrong by - you may wake up with your shoe laces tied together!

Tonttus are a glorious addition to your home all year round, exuding an air of serenity and knowledge while offering protection and welfare for the house and to their human and animal occupants, all from their little space on your bookshelf or mantle.

Tonttus are used to protect children, houses and animals so are wonderful gifts to give to children scared of the dark or as a housewarming gift to protect the new residents.

All tonttus are original Nordic Grey Designs and each one is unique ... no two gnomes are identical, although the family name will indicate how that series will look - Lasse Series, Errki Series etc.

Nordic Grey gnomes are a beautiful addition to your family. All are handmade with much love, one stitch at a time, and are each unique unto themselves.


Although tonttus are tough, resilient creatures in real life ready to protect you from the outside world, these little handmade guys aren't quite as hardy. Please only use as guardians and not as toys... however, gentle loving caressing is more than appreciated by your new family member.

These guys are all made to last the test of time, which means no beans or rice are used for weights, only inedible material - we don't want weevils and the like getting into our tonttus. This, without any doubt will anger them immensely leaving you with one revengeful tonttu on your hands!

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