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Jo's Desktop - Art & Design by Joanne Pearcy

Echidna Tea Towel, Australian wildlife illustration, Short-beaked Echidna ants

EchidnaTea Towel (Short-beaked Echidna with ants)

Printed in Melbourne on 100% Linen
Size of tea towel is 42x62cm

Features a reproduction of an original colour pencil illustration by Joanne Pearcy.

FYI... about the Short-beaked Echidna
The Short-beaked Echidna is a monotreme (egg-laying mammal) of which there are only three species in the world. It is found all over Australia, living in forests and woodlands, heath, grasslands and arid environments. The baby echidna (called a ‘puggle’) hatches from the egg by using its egg tooth and pulls its way along the mother’s hair into the pouch area. The Echidna has a slender snout and long, flicking tongue, ideal for catching their specific diet of termites, ants and other soil invertebrates. They have very strong claws in which to break open rotting logs to collect termites. The Echidna also has distinctive sharp spines (quills) along its back and sides for protection against predators. Although the Echidna has few natural enemies, it is often still killed or injured by cars, dogs and foxes.

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© Joanne Pearcy
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