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Mish and Mash Creations

Mish and Mash Creations

Mini double door Montessori busy board Toddler birthday present

Price ($AUD): $87.70


The travel version of our busy boards is a light a portable toy that will never get boring as there are elements that a young child can use as well as some tricky ones that would be still challenging for a 4 year old. Do contact us if you'd like to see particular elements on your travel board or to cater for a particular age and/or interest of your child!

If you want to thread lightly, unsure whether your child will play with a big and expensive busy board - then this is an excellent introductory experience for your wallet and your child's senses!
If you ever wanted to make you toddler busy while knowing that he/she is developing hand eye coordination, practicing his/her fine motor skills and engaging the brain in the puzzle like activity, then you need a busy board.
The activity board is a great sensory toy toy to be enjoyed by children of both sexes and different age - speaking from experience here!

Our boards come with a coffee break guarantee!

On the other end of the spectrum, the fidget nature of the sensory board helps maintain the fine motor skills and hand eye coordination in elderly who are suffering from Alzheimer's and dementia.

Raw wood single door ------------------------------------- $ 87.70
Stained (any color) single door ----------------------------- $ 94.70
Raw double door -------------------------------------------- $ 98.90
Stained (any color) double doors ------------------------ $ 107.90
---------------- ELEMENT --------------------------------------- FUNCTION------------------
Opening padlocks -------------------- Develops hand eye coordination and
Opening/closing latches ------------ pincer grasp/precision grip
Hoop and loop lacing ---------------- necessary to prepare hands for writing
Rotating mirror ------------------------ Improves those hard to practice
Spinning reel -------------------------- twisting actions of the shoulder, wrist and
Rotating Wheel -------------------- fingers (also called lateral prehension or
Turning keys in the lock ------------ pad-to-side grip)
Red on/off switch ----------------------- Push fingers action strengthens
Toggle switch --------------------------- individual fingers
Bolt lock ------------------------------ Promotes problem solving skills
Latch lock (with padlock) ------- (figuring out how to open different
Slide lock ----------------------------- styles of locks/latches/carabiners);
Standard Carabiners -------------- Also most of the activities in this group will
Screw type Carabiner ------------ see dominant and non-dominant
Strap with buckles ----------------- hands working together – which equals
Toggle Latch catch ---------------- higher brain function activity
NEW Whistle -----------Blowing is an oral motor exercising
--------------------------- techniques to exercise the speech musculature
Pull string ----------------------------- Pull action –
Zip --------------------------------------- vertical and lateral moves
Strap with Velcro ------------------- strengthens the whole hand
Squeezing the horn ---------------- Improves fingers strength and wrist
Twisting the tree ------------------- muscles - called spherical grasp –
Rotating the mirror ----------------- will help minimise damage to wrists
------------------------------------------ from computer mouse in the future
Touch Light (requires batteries) - The rest of the fun
Whistle -------------------------------- elements could be used
Spring with keys --------------------- to start a conversation
Door with plastic mirror behind -- about simple mechanics
Glow-in-the-dark feet ----------------- and basic physics
• Age: from 6 months (our enthusiastic participant in the photos was 6 months old) to approx. 5 years (depending on child’s interests)
• Size: 28.5cm x 36.5cm approx. or 11.2 inches x 14.4 inches
• Weight: 1.2 kg
• Two doors to open, one has a mirror sticker (made out of thin plastic film, won’t break/shutter). The second door is left empty – you could place a child’s favorite sticker there or a family photo. In fact, why not keep changing it
• Horizontal handle at the top doubles for easy transportation
• Can be hung vertically or laid on the floor horizontally - ALL elements are accessible and easy to use from ALL angles! Hanging hooks can be added free of charge at request.
• All elements are brand new and not re-purposed
Having created the same board for our children, we’ve put a lot of thought into ensuring the board elements are:
• Safely secured onto the board and no lose parts are going to fall off unintentionally
• All corners/sharp edges are rounded over; hardware details have no rough edges, non-pinching and safely fastened.
• The other side of the board is smooth, no element or nail is poking through
• All color paints and finishes are water based and safe for children.
• This activity set is not meant for children to use as teethers or chew toys. Please do not allow children who still "mouth" things to use this activity set, as detachable parts could be a choking hazard. Parental supervision is recommended.
• The board can be painted any color for additional $10AUD at custom request. The elements color choice is free.
• The board can be personalized with your child’s name with wooden letters in any color for $10 AUD.
Let us make a board that is just right for your baby, that will definitely include the things he/she like. Does the baby always go for door handles or pram/toy wheels? We'll put extra and different styles on the board. Loves to make loud noises? We'll thrown in various bells and horns.
Maybe your perfect board is for an older child or to be enjoyed by siblings of different age? Then we can discuss elements that will be a bit more of challenge and take kids' interests into account. Different color preferences and parts choice are welcome!
Send us an email and let's make a perfect board together!
Depending on order backlog, it might take 1-2 weeks to custom build this board.

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Price ($AUD): $87.70


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