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Lil'Bit Better

Lil'Bit Better

Bee Seed Bombs (6)

Price ($AUD): $12.00


Bees are one of the most important creatures on our planet and we rely on them for almost two thirds of our food. Bee populations are under extreme threat due to the use of agricultural chemicals including the ones we use in our own back yards.

Bee Bombs are balls of organic matter impregnated with flower seeds that will blossom into beautiful flowers and feed our little friends while brightening up your day.

Plant by simply tossing them wherever you need a splash of colour, or into an ugly, vacant bock (Just don’t let anyone see you!)

What’s in them?

Clay: to protect the seeds from birds and insects until germination.
Organic Soil and Mushroom fertilizer: to give the seeds food.
Seed mix: Poppies, Cornflowers, dill, flax and coriander.

Once flower for Coriander and Dill have finished, let the plant go to seed and harvest them for your own cooking.

Each ball is approx. inch in diameter and comes in a beautiful, linen, drawstring bag.

Safe to send all over Australia - I have written authority from each state.

Postage & Handling

Within Australia

+ $1.00 per additional item

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Price ($AUD): $12.00


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