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Made It

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Made It

12th April SALES Email Banner (Sellers Only)

Overview and Layout
Our dedicated monthly sales newsletters are relatively new and include up to 6 advertising banners per month, and nothing else. Email subscribers like to feel like they have access to exclusive offers, and everyone loves a bargain so these emails are intended to give sellers exceptional reach with minimal interference (other content) to help drive customers to your store.

Emails are sent on the second Wednesday of each month and each banner should promote a sale or discount in your Made It store. We recommend that sales should include an exclusive coupon code for email subscribers.

Emails will be sent so long as at least one advertising spot is purchased for the month. Sequence of banners will be on a first in first served basis, ie. First to purchase a spot will appear at the top of the email.

Advert artwork should be submitted in the following dimensions: 851px wide by 315px high.
We will ad your coupon code and store URL above and below the artwork that you submit. Your final advert size will be 851 x 375px but you should submit your artwork in the following dimensions: 851px wide by 315px high.

~~You can use the free template designs on Canva to create your ad - just visit Canva.com/create-a-design and select the Facebook Cover layout so your ad is in the correct dimensions.~~

Like our community newsletters, the monthly sales newsletter is sent to over 28,000 subscribers and our first sales newsletter had an open rate of 20.7% and a click through rate of 1.8%, which was over 100 sales leads per ad.

Your advert will appear as a full-width banner in a dedicated email to promote sales. A maximum of six banners will be included in each email, with no other content to distract readers.

Click rates for the first 7 days of your campaign will also be provided.

Booking & Billing
To book a spot in the next sales newsletter, simply buy the listing for the relevant month in our Made It store:

Please submit the following to advertise@madeit.com.au by Cob on the first Thursday of the month:
• Coupon Code (recommended)
• Sale End Date
• Your 851 x 315px banner image (incorporating any desired text)

Note: You are required to provide your own artwork with text included. We will add your store URL, Sale expiry date, and Coupon code as shown in the images above. Image 2 shows what you should submit and image 3 shows how your finished ad will appear

• Prepaid 2 weeks in advance (or upon booking for last-minute bookings)
• Content must be submitted in the given format by COB on the first Thursday of the month of publication
• Ads may not be run if you miss the submission deadline
• Only Made It stores can be promoted via this channel
• Links to external websites are not to be included in listing images or descriptions, store banners, about page, or your Made It storefront while advertising
• Refunds will not be given where these terms have not been met.

Postage & Handling

Within Australia

FREE per additional item

Payment methods accepted

Payment Instructions

Payment due upon checkout