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Springwood Porcelain

  • This item is no longer available. Please click here to view other items in my store.

Springwood Porcelain

Earthy ceramic ring dish, ring holder. porcelain bowl. Trinket dish

Handmade porcelain bowl with earthy green and tan glaze and gold detail.

This little bowl, which is perfect for keeping your jewellery safe by your bed, or beside this sink for your rings or just to decorate your home, is made by hand from porcelain.
Stuck on a wedding or engagement gift, this bowl is the perfect place for the bride to keep her new rings safe.

The dish is handmade from the highest grade porcelain clay. It goes through a 14-day process including 3 firings in the kiln up to 1280 degrees Celsius (2336 Fahrenheit). The piece is glazed in an earthy green and tan glaze and the flowers are finished off with gold detail.

Porcelain is whiter, lighter and smoother than other types of ceramics. This piece is made to last a lifetime and will become a family heirloom.

The high firing temperatures means it is very light, but very robust.

11cm in diameter

Instagram: @springwoodporcelain

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