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Springwood Porcelain

  • This item is no longer available. Please click here to view other items in my store.

Springwood Porcelain

Ceramic nesting bowls in green & white. Ring dish, jewellery bowl, soap dish.

Porcelain nesting bowl set in mint and white.

A unique handmade porcelain dish set that has an organic earthy feel.
Perfect for holding jewellery, soap, candles, keys or makes for a great table centerpiece. Looks great in the bathroom or entry table.
This set is the perfect unique engagement or wedding gift.

This set goes through a 14 day process including 2 firings in the kiln to 1280 degrees Celsius. The textured surface is glazed with a green/tan glaze.

The high firing temperatures means it is very light, but very robust.

Large: Approx 16cm diameter
Small: Approx 12cm diameter

Instagram: @springwoodporcelain

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