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Jo's Desktop - Art & Design by Joanne Pearcy

Superb Fairy-wren Tea Towel, Australian wildlife illustration, blue wren

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Superb Fairy-wren Tea Towel

Printed in Melbourne on 100% Linen
Size of tea towel is 42x62cm

Features a reproduction of an original colour pencil illustration by Joanne Pearcy.

FYI... about the Superb Fairy-wren...
For many Australians, this ‘blue wren’ is their favourite native bird. Adult male Superb Fairy-wrens are among the most brightly coloured of the species, with their rich blue and black plumage above and on the throat. Females and young birds are mostly brown above with a dull red-orange area around the eye and a brown bill. Superb Fairy-wrens are found south of the Tropic of Capricorn through eastern Australia.They are common in urban parks and gardens where suitable dense cover and low shrubs occur. Superb Fairy-wrens feed on insects and other small arthropods which are caught mostly on the ground. They are usually seen in small social groups of one male and several females and young birds.

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© Joanne Pearcy
Jo's Desktop

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Price ($AUD): $25.00

Ready to ship now


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