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PERSONALISED Handwoven Pine Needle Spiritual Healing Basket (Small Sculptural)

Price ($AUD): $125.00


PERSONALISED Hand Woven Pine Needle Baskets, Sculptural Spiritual Healing Baskets (Small with Sculptural Elements)

Looking for a unique, one of a kind, intricate gift for someone very special in your life for Christmas, a birthday or special occasion? Or perhaps you would love one for yourself! PERSONALISE / CUSTOMISE your own unique sculptural handwoven pine needle spiritual healing basket with a gemstone / healing stone or object of your choosing!

PLEASE CONTACT ME FIRST to find out what stones I currently have in stock and to discuss ideas. I am happy to also try and hunt down a particular gemstone / healing stone of your choosing. Alternatively, if you have an object which holds personal meaning or value, as long as it has a relatively flat surface on one of its facets, it can be woven into the centre of your basket. 

I'm open to ideas, please contact me to personalise your own unique handwoven pine needle healing basket! Any colour combination is possible!

Dimensions approximately ~6-8 cm tall x ~12-15 cm diameter for this size (2.4-3.1 inches tall x 4.7-5.9 inches diameter).

* PLEASE NOTE the baskets pictured are EXAMPLES ONLY and not currently for sale as they are already with their loving owners.

For the basket pictured, please allow for about 3-4 weeks to be made. Time depends on the complexity of the basket; to give you an idea, it takes an about a minimum of 30-40 hours in total to complete a basket from start to finish (including the gathering and preparation of materials, weaving, drying, curing and sealing). A few examples are shown above to inspire you!


My baskets are handwoven using hundreds of dried longleaf pine needles, and are stitched together using strong sewing sinew. Additionally, for the sculptural baskets, I use a combination of cotton wrapping, Japanese / Czech seed beads, and around the outside rim, my handmade Southern Ice porcelain shell / leaf beads.

My baskets are spiritual in nature, inspired by my North American Métis background on my mother’s side, and are also a dedication to my beautiful mother-in-law Georgia, from the Native American Nez Perce people. I choose pine needles for this reason; to maintain the connection with my Northern American Métis background. Their smell reminds me of home...

Each basket is completely unique. Each has its own story to tell and no two are ever the same…

In basket making, the act of gathering and the preparation of materials, is just as important as the making itself. I collect pine needles from all around the Northern Rivers of New South Wales, and also the Southeast Queensland regions of Australia. I find value in using materials collected from my immediate surroundings. Each material has its own marvellous personality, its own shape, uniqueness and purpose; its own significance…

After they are collected, the pine needles are then prepared and washed thoroughly in boiling water so they are free of dirt or other organic matter. Each pine needle is then carefully handpicked, the best chosen to be woven into each basket…

Although delicate, each basket has been sealed with a clear lacquer for durability, and also comes with a hemp hook so it can also be hung on the wall… 

To read more about my basket making process and the stories behind them, please visit:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/HandwovenSpiritbyChantal
Instagram: www.instagram.com/HandwovenSpiritbyChantal
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/ChantalandCorey/my-basket-making-process


Once in a while, it will be beneficial to leave the basket sit out in the sun for about 5-10 minutes to re-stiffen and re-firm the wax used to seal the basket. If you need any assistance caring for your basket down the road, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Some countries have restrictions on what can be sent in the post in terms of plant based products. I can check the Australia Post International Guide, however, there is still a risk they may not make it through. As a secure measure, until I have tested sending some baskets in the post to friends around the world, the only countries I know where they have made it through are: AUSTRALIA and CANADA (currently investigating the USA and Europe).

Happy shopping and thank you for keeping art and the handmade alive!

With my best regards,


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Price ($AUD): $125.00


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