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Ocean themed wooden maths game - subitising number game - teacher resource

Maths game - subitising number game - educational game

Up to 4 players can play this game. Recommended age of players is 3 to 6

Each player takes an underwater themed game board. The wooden game discs are put in the middle of the table with the fish facing up. Players take turns spinning the spinner. The number spun is the number of fish the player must take e.g. if the player spins a 3, a disc with 3 fish can be picked and put on the player's game board. If there are the words 'time to fish' on the reverse of a disc, the player can choose an additional disc to put in their basket. Discs with seahorses on are lucky, as the winner is decided by how many seahorses a player has in their basket at the end of the game.

Towards the end of the game, some discs may all be used e.g. there may be no more discs with 3 fish. If a player spins a 3, they can take a disc with two fish and a disc with one fish to make 3 fish in total. When all the game discs have been used, the game is finished. The players turn over their discs and count how many seahorses they have. The player with the most seahorses is the winner.

This game is great for subitising small numbers. Subitising is the skill of being able to look at a group of objects and know how many there are, without having to count them.

I use this at school with small groups of children during numeracy centres. I also use it with my own kids at home.

Each game comes with 36 wooden game discs. The discs are 1.5" (3.8cm) and the images have been hand stamped with non toxic, permanent ink. The 4 game boards are laminated and sturdy. You can choose whether you would like the spinner with numerals or dots, just let me know which you would prefer, by writing a note in the 'message to seller'.

An organza bag is included for storage of the wooden discs. Instructions are included on the back of one of the game boards.

Not suitable for children under 3 years due to size of discs.

This game is made in Perth, Western Australia

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