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madeit designer spotlight Misiu

Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Josephine, 27 and I live in Brisbane with my Husband, Adam, and our two boys Bjorn (4) and Noah(2). I was born in Sweden to a Swedish mother and an English father and grew up a third culture kid, moving around Asia before settling in an All Girls Boarding School in the UK. I came to Australia when I was 16 to begin University and I never left!

madeit designer spotlight Misiu

Can you explain your craft/art and the material you like to use?

Paper, lots and lots of Paper! I would say my main staples use is a heavy recycled kraft card and a natural white card, these two are my base from pretty much everything I work with and that I couldn’t go without. Recently I’ve started moving towards the direction of wedding paper crafting. It’s something I enjoy and I love working with all the pretty materials and images that come with the territory.

Where do you get your inspiration and what is your creative process?

I might get a spark or a vision in my head, usually when i'm in bed, and develop my idea's from there or i might look at something that i have previously created and rethink a way to create something new and improved based on an old design. At the moment i'm inspired by natural colours, pastelles and different textures and experimenting with different materials. I find it's easier to be motivated when i'm feeling inspired, idea's just seem to flow.

Each time I create a new design, a new direction appears and with that comes many different concepts, if only there were more hours in the day! Even though some idea's can form instantly, sometimes, i don't have anything specific in mind and just manipulate what i am working on until i like the outcome which can take hours, days or weeks! I wouldn't say i have a defined creative process, or at least I haven't identified what that is yet, but i seem to work best late at night and under pressure, away from the daily commotion!

How long have you been creating and how did you get into craft/art?

I've always been somewhat creative, my interest in creating started before I can remember. After studying photography at boarding school, I continued the subject into university but unfortunately didn’t follow through. After a long hiatus in anything art and crafty, I felt something was missing and decided to get back into it, and I’m so glad I did, it keeps my mind busy and I always have something to do!

How did you come up with your business name?

After struggling to come up with a name, I decided to call my business Misiu (pronounced Me-Shoe), which is a Polish term of endearment, and also my son’s middle name.

What resources 'have or do you' use to help your creative pursuits (i.e. groups, classes, shops, websites etc)?

I always intended on taking a few classes when I started up to gain some more knowledge of different techniques but simply never got around to it. I had little idea of what I was doing when I first started out. I asked my suppliers lots of technique based questions and slowly taught myself with the information that was given to me and still, i learn something new everyday.

What's your best advice for someone starting up?

Enjoy what you're doing every day, be detail-oriented, be passionate, patient, trust your instincts and most of all don’t give up! If you don’t know something, ask somebody who might and if you love what you do, it will reflect in your products. Be sure to package your sold products with love, It's nice for customers to feel as though they've bought themselves a gift and that their purchase is appreciated and it’s not often they receive goods purchased online beautifully wrapped, it will certainly leave an impression.

Do you have any advertising/promotion tips for sellers to be successful?

I have advertised on the front page of madeit previously and that has been fairly successful. I have only just started considering further advertising and promotion so the only tip that I can suggest is to identify your target market and find targeted advertising options to reach that market such as websites and blogs etc.

Can you share any lessons that you have learned the hard way?

I would say by not doing any classes or a lot of research I’ve certainly spent a lot more money on different supplies that was pretty un-necessary. When I first started out, I had everything that fit into one small box, now I have a living room bursting at the seams, It is nice having everything on hand though! Also, working tired equals un-necessary mistakes, which only ends up being more frustrating, because you usually know that it could have been avoidable!

What do you like to do besides creating?

When I get the chance, which is rarely, I love antiquing, home ware shopping and op-shopping for things around the home that I can repurpose, getting take away coffee, eating sushi, having the occasional white wine and being a bit of a homebody.

What is your favourite music, television show, film, book, website?

Music - I don't really have one favourite band, although I have been listening to a small band from Melbourne called the Smith Street Band.

TV Show - I enjoy watching a range of TV shows including 1600 Penn, Breaking Bad, How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, Chicago fire and more recently, Golden Boy has caught my eye.

What would be your perfect day?

Sleeping in past eight and waking up to two perfectly behaved boys followed by take away coffee, eating sushi, antiquing, home ware shopping and finishing the day with a few white wines (not necessarily in that order)!

Who is your favourite madeit seller, explain why in less than 10 words?

seventhtreesoaps - Amazing looking soaps and great photos and presentation.

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18 March 2013

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